Why not universal for iOS ? Why not BB CE DLC for iOS?

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Why not universal for iOS ? Why not BB CE DLC for iOS?

Postby Lost_in_Tactics » 25 September 2015, 06:57

I was just wondering why this is not so?

iOS Universal:
I can play XCOM & Banner Saga universally across all my iOS devices. I wish this game would as well. Have the devs expressed a reason why they haven't made it universal?

Definitely baffled by the 8 races only and not the 24 like Chaos Edition on PC. I'm new to the franchise. I discovered BB on iPad after buying BB2 for my XBOX One. But only 8 races for iPad? Why? Especially now when Apple allows games up in the 4gigs - 8gigs to be fully downloaded, but in packets. That said, the full Blood Bowl Chaos Edition can fit on iPad, so why scale it down?

Apologies if these questions have been answered on here before. I couldn't find threads answering my questions.

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