This game cheats...

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Re: This game cheats...

Postby dode74 » 12 May 2012, 16:27

Strange when i try and Dodge or pick up a ball with a dwarf blitzer, i fail most the time

yet for the AI, they can dodge and pick up the ball no problem 0_0
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Re: This game cheats...

Postby BloodSkull » 17 May 2012, 19:10

The AI should cheat, make it a bit more interesting.

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Re: This game cheats...

Postby VoodooMike » 18 May 2012, 00:15

The AI should cheat, make it a bit more interesting.
I have a program that will set one side's score to whatever the other side's score is +1, perpetually. If you told it to do that on behalf of the other team that'd be AI cheating. Would you feel more interested then? If not, then no... having an AI cheat doesn't actually improve games.
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Re: This game cheats...

Postby Chazer » 27 June 2012, 11:58

I must be the luckiest MF alive I totally squash The AI on all levels all matches and with all teams? What could be wrong ? I must be cheating?

Why is it not always the case in Leagues? It must be the Opponent cheating for sure!!!

Anyway I must say that the AI takes the most stupid risks and somtimes it succedes but rarely with any useful plan or postion afterwards - Most of the time the AI's turn will end prematurely with a big Brrrrr "Turnover" sound because it did something completly lame. In fact if you play against the AI with the knowledge of how stupid it plays you can force these turnovers in most turns.


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Re: This game cheats...

Postby Tavares » 22 March 2018, 18:46

he AI doesn't cheat. It's just way luckier than most people.
Notice I said PEOPLE. It includes veterans and newbies.
Veterans have chosen to accept it. Newbies to complain about it.
Also notice I said LUCKIER. Why?
Because it is.
I've played many games (not as much as most people here, of course) against the AI and in every single game it gets VERY lucky. And I'm not talking about the AI succeeding every dodge roll or something like that. But HOW it succeeds. I've never lost a match against the AI (mostly because when things get dire I rage quit and load a save game until I win). But, most if not ALL the touchdown the AI scores against me is due to very lucky "Critical Success" streaks.

I have one screenshot to show what I'm talking about. I'll post it later.

Let's do a quick analysis of most games I play (against fast teams. Against other teams it goes a bit differently):

I kick the ball
The AI rolls a 6 to pickup the ball.
Then the cage begins to form around the ball carrier.
Some blocks here and there.
One or two AI players sneak past my defenses (rolling 6 on all rolls (sometimes a 5+1 from dodge bonus).
My turn.
I surround the cage as best as I can (minding tackle zones, knocking out players with dodge and pass first, etc)
I mark with TWO guys (one of which had tackle)the player (or players) that got past my defenses.
Their turn.
An AI player (WITHOUT ANY pass skills), throws the ball to the player who are in my side of the field. (With a 6)
I choose one player to make an interception. (It fails of course...)
The AI player (WITHOUT any catch skills) catches the ball (with a 6) dodges the two players marking it (with a number of 5+1 or 6s depending on the positioning) and scores.
All of this in 2 turns.
One time, I've decided to not rage quit and keep going. Then, I scored and tied the game 2 turns later. Then the AI performed the same "lucky streak" and it was in the lead again. I kept going to see where that would end. It got so ridiculous that the game ended 4-3 (for me). And I only managed to win because I bashed so much of their team that they were playing with six players on the field and most of their blocks had to be made against superior odds (so superior I had to choose their block rolls for them).
Ask me how many times I got two 6s in a row? Two times. In all my games (no kidding)...
Ask me now how many times I got two 1s in a row? Every single game I play. The AI... Never seen that. (I've seen they get two 1s as a result (i.e roll a dodge = 1, re-roll = 2-1) but not two Criticals Failures (i.e roll a dodge = 1, re-roll = 1)

So, my gripe is: There is nothing you can do when the AI only rolls "criticals". It gets frustrating, FAST.

And don't get me started on the "two skulls, re-roll, two skulls" issue... :)

What I'm trying to imply here is that there's not only the "Perception" issue going on. Some people are more luckier, others (me) aren't. (My screenshots and logs don't lie about that :) )

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