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Re: Requesting help

Postby Harbinger8 » 09 March 2013, 19:25

I FEEL for you Redweaver!!!!
The people you are talking about, that just cannot see how they are not helpful in any fashion with all the actually unsolicitated folderol they cannot help but to regurgitate Nurgle-style that really has nothing to do with the specific question you are asking, just cannot see how their attitude here is such a turn-off.
What is worse Redweaver, is that they just are NOT capable whatsoever of seeing how their behavior is absolutely turning people off from this community and game!!
They think their behavior is normal and just fine.
Is it an InterNet thing?
I know in person this conduct would not be tolerated.

You know what else is a serious part of the problem Redweaver?
Some of them have never played the actual game.
Makes you wonder if they have ever even held a GW BB figure, let alone painted one and then played with it.

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