Question about match payouts.

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Re: Question about match payouts.

Postby Harbinger8 » 03 February 2013, 10:44

Thank you for the reply rayon__delta.
I do appreciate it.
there's no complete thing for this game.
From both a programming point of view and from a customer service one, that is simply ridiculous.
Someone from Cyanide or the other company whose name I cannot remember at this instant should have a complete instruction manual since they are the ones who created the <bleep> computer game.
That manual, whether for free or for some simple publishing price, should be available to the players of the game.

Or at least that is how every other game company I have a computer game from works.
Does Cyanide/whomever have customer service issues new players should know about before buying in further or at all?
Should I be glad that I have not yet spent money on expanding past the LE disc I bought from Amazon?

Not having an accurate and/or complete instruction manual for a computer game is a warning sign in my decades of experience with computer game companies.

Does anyone else here know more or better than rayon__delta on this matter?

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Re: Question about match payouts.

Postby Orcacide » 03 February 2013, 13:40

How many times and in how many threads and by how many people do you need to be told something before it sinks in?

You have a manual. It's called the Blood Bowl Competition Rules, and it exists in PDF format in your blood bowl folder. No, it's not going to explain to you how to use the chat interface in game (you hit enter, then type what you want, and then hit enter again), but it contains all of the rules for said game.

Also, stop with the bleeps. It makes you look like a child. No one talks like that, and it's unnecessary for conversation.

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Re: Question about match payouts.

Postby MILLANDSON » 05 February 2013, 05:14

Both of you stop it, or you'll end up taking a holiday from the forums. You're both being needlessly antagonistic in general, across several threads, and that's going to stop now.

You've both been warned.


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Re: Question about match payouts.

Postby Harbinger8 » 05 February 2013, 06:02

Flag thrown, referee heard from, coaches advised, teams cautioned and play will now resume.

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