2-0 in one turn

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Re: 2-0 in one turn

Postby VoodooMike » 29 April 2013, 16:46

But Sid, my dear snotling-minded poster....
Y'know, for someone who claims I am abusive to everyone and making the forums a hostile place, you sure have picked a lot of fights with people in the past few days. I'm starting to think that maybe you're not so much concerned with the supposed "new people" and "novices" as you are with folks giving you the kind of respect you imagine you deserve... but don't really.
So, as I have now had it explained to me by zoraster...
Given that you made a claim about your own play, it doesn't really stand to reason that someone would have to explain to you why it's obvious to others that you're full of crap. Some might argue that instead of demanding respectful requests and giving polite explanations as to why you're full of crap, you might just not lie in the first place.
I had not noticed the loss of turn in the only 200-300 games I have played.
That's quite a lot of CRP games for someone who seems routinely confused by CRP changes.
Friendly Reminder: Correlation does not equal Causation - tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids if it'll help.

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Re: 2-0 in one turn

Postby Harbinger8 » 29 April 2013, 17:20

Ah VoodooMike, at his most infamously glorious!

First, I do not come down on folks until they come down on me and/or others.
Sid chose his course of action and his consequences.
VoodooMike, you really are abusive - you do so on people who simply express their concerns about the game and/or their experience with the game time after time simply because your experience is different and/or you are just in a pissy mood and/or just feel the emptiness of needing to puff up your own ego.
I NEVER give unto others until they have crapped on someone, including myself, already.

Secondly, I do not expect any respect here on this forum VoodooMike.
Too many folks, like youself, simply use this forum to overinflate your own egos.
When artificial egos like yours exercise social, if not operational, control over a forum, no one should expect any respect whatsoever.

Thirdly, as to my own play, I have already explained that in my prior posting.
I even thanked zoraster for straightening out my mistaken explanation.
VoodooMike, you need to check on your reading comprehension levels based upon your response.

Fourth, as to CRaP, I have not played any games of Blood Bowl by the CRaP rules by choice at all.

Let me explain something here at a level that even you VoodooMike can understand.
Playing "Blood Bowl" for me is NOT this computer game; the computer game is just a related, but not true BB sim for me to relax in.
Playing "Blood Bowl" is playing the REAL game - the table-top version.
Therefore, I can say quite honestly I have NEVER played a game of "Blood Bowl" under the CRaP rules.
I can also say that I have never played "Blood Bowl" under of the so quaintly-put Living Rule Book rules versions either.
All are products of Group Think and I refuse to endorse anything that is knowingly a product of Group Think.

Playing "Blood Bowl" has nothing to do with this computer game whatsoever in my life VoodooMike so your accusation in your last posting is once again without teeth of any form.

Shoot Voodoo, I have never even played "Blood Bowl" under the 4th ed. rules; by that time, JJ had started listening to all of the Cry-baby coaches out there so why bother playing the rules that are the result of that?

Lastly, it is absolutely hilarious to be accused of lying and/or being "full of crap" by the BIGGEST LIAR on the forum.

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