Another new player, more questions

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Another new player, more questions

Postby GeneralSnus » 04 March 2013, 05:39


I got the Chaos Edition recently, and after some initial bouts of massive frustration I learned how to handle the risk and started playing on Medium(which feels easier than Easy since the AI is much more reserved with taking risks).
But one thing that I still have not figured out is exactly how to UPGRADE my players BEFORE my first game.

Is it possible for the player to even do? I've looked all around the player screens, and can't find anything to buy skills or whatever, I can only get them on a level up.

The first team I go up against always has a team rating of like 1300, while I'm around 1000. My players only have the default white skills, but theirs have blue skills such as Sure Hands or even Pro.

So, what am I missing?

Also why are my pre-game training results so bad. I get a 28% to gain a skill point but the AI always seems to have 41%.

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Re: Another new player, more questions

Postby Darkson » 04 March 2013, 06:46

The AI gets extra skills at the start because it's awful, and rather than uses resources on improving it, the companies involved just gave more skills to start.

Can't help on the extra training, as that sounds like a Blitz mode thing, and the majority getting play Classic (ie the proper rules).
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Nope, I was talking about a 0TTD on a Blitz! using TTM.

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