AI skill selection: wouldn't it be great if...

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AI skill selection: wouldn't it be great if...

Postby jonnygreg2003 » 03 November 2011, 13:53

I was just reading somewhere that in one of the patches for BB:LE the AI skill selection was improved so that it chose more appropriate skills for the racial types. The downside is that it will develop all players of that race in the same way!!!

Wouldn't it be great if the AI was taken a few steps further on so that it developed players for particular roles e.g. ballcarrier, kicker, cagebreaker, blitzer etc.

Then they would need to change the ingame AI so that the right positional players were set up in the right place at kick off (e.g. the kicker not on the LOS or in the wide areas) and the AI would use the right players for the right roles.

I know this is just a dream and would never happen because I am sure it is very, very complicated to do! However, one can wish.

Anyway they have more fundamental things to do to improve the AI such as changing the order of actions the AI takes so that it does all non-dice roll actions first and then all dice roll actions in order of descending probability of success.

If anything were possible what would you like to see the AI be able to do?

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Re: AI skill selection: wouldn't it be great if...

Postby Lod1926 » 03 November 2011, 14:59

Well the good thing is it will develop the players along typical lines IF they have some skills to start with or a defined role at start up...well sort of. As an ex. it will develop WoE Catchers to be good catchers (sounds dumb but you get me I'm sure) Passers to be good passers. The only problem it has is with blank slate teams like Chaos, Nurgle etc. If you alter the pre-generated teams skills for teams like that (like using bbedit to remove them and start the team at 1000 TV) then it will start up a repetitive pattern of builds (it does this too with any replacement or rookie players it adds to the team).

* On a side note you could change the skill ups yourself using bbedit to give the teams those types of players you wish it to have

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Re: AI skill selection: wouldn't it be great if...

Postby Taeves » 04 February 2015, 04:53

It's several years late, but you can modify this by editing the WorldCup.db file or Main.db, which is Legendary's (I think).

Under Player_Type_Skill_Progression you'll find the order skills are chosen for what race and position. If you want to know what the numbers mean, just look at Skill_Listing.

You have idPlayer_types and strSkills. idPlayer_Types is just referencing Player_Types, so go look at that. Player type 1 for example is a Human Lineman. Under str_Skills for the first table you have the following numbers (3,5,4,2,30,38,7,35,13,27,50,71).

Using Skill_Listing these are, Agility, Movement, Armour, Strength, Block, Guard, Dodge, Fend, Mighty Blow, Dirty Player, Pro, and Kick.

So if you want to change the progression, just change out the numbers to other skills in the order you like. I have done this before and it works, but what is confusing is whether it fluctuates or not, and in this case, it does not have enough skills for the lineman if he should reach 176spp and never roll doubles or a stat increase (he only has 5 normal skills listed). That and I don't know if there is code somewhere that tells the player not to take kick if someone else has it?

There is a lot I don't have answers for, but that is what I know on progression.

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