Harder AI please for iOS at least

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Harder AI please for iOS at least

Postby Nobes » 06 August 2014, 14:04

Oh god please please put in better AI. If you have played any multiplayer at all, you'll find the single player campaign far too easy even on the hard mode. I use it mostly for the commute to work so have no internet access. Which manes I'm just going through the motions of smashing team after team with little effort. It would be so good if you could just update the AI I had the same problem when I had it on PC too.

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Proxi Winther Rex
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Re: Harder AI please for iOS at least

Postby Proxi Winther Rex » 06 August 2014, 15:19

Put the AI on medium...
The "Easy", "medium" and "hard" settings does NOT refer to difficulties in the game, but only to how many risks the AI takes...
on Easy the AI takes a great deal of risks, (and of course fails equally great), and on Hard it takes almost none...
The Medium setting is most like a "normal" player, and you will get the most resistance from the AI here... (not that it is that difficult, anyway)

Over the years I've lost about 4-5 matches against the AI, and they were all on Medium.. ;-)

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