Modifying the AI

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Re: Modifying the AI

Postby Taeves » 08 February 2015, 20:30

A lot of the stupidity comes from The Data/Match/AI.xml file and the Combination of the Skills_Listing AI_iWeight , and yes if you want to make the teams more challenging you need to figure this out.
I think there's hardcoded stuff that is responsible for most of the stupidity, like you said the files we can't see/don't have access to. There is definitely an invisible layer we can't touch or see.

AI_iWeight is a dead end from what I can see; if you filter it, the list goes from 10-100 (except for stat increases and skills you can't choose like Decay). The skills range from less desirable skills (like diving catch, diving tackle) to more desirable skills like Block, Extra Arms and Dodge (which subsequently are 100%). If you look at Player_Type_Skill_Progression many of the skills under 50 in iWeight are near the end (and don't get picked much or at all if you watch closely in a campaign). It's not true in all cases though, but a good way to tell is to look at the skill kick and where it's listed in each progression table. The skills look fine with the iWeight more or less decent for each.

ai.xml however looks promising, I've pretty much ignored it to this point. Hopefully I can reduce the dodging somewhat.

Are you sure about CoolViolent? You said a lower value means they're less likely to block? Why are Chaos so low then? And Woodelves are default 0.9 and 0.9 for PassRun? Do the values go a lot higher then 0.9 or is that the limit?

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Re: Modifying the AI

Postby BloodSkull » 08 February 2015, 20:45

1. My frustration with not being able to figure out where the big guy will go 100% of the time is frustrating as I can't get proper placement for him. It is pointless however, as teams with two big guys (like my picture of the Mummies above) will always mess up placement. The best you can do is put them on the LoS so the code doesn't place them in the backfield like it used to.

2. 5, 1, 4, 2, 3 x 5 is essential for teams with 4 Warriors/Black Orc Blockers + a Big Guy to ensure they're all on the field. Often the AI sits them and puts out Linemen instead. I can prevent that from happening, so games will be tougher with strong opponents.

3. It's not much progress but it is some. It's a shame about the rest though. I have gotten pretty good at editing the graphics as well (but that's common knowledge by this point) and I have created some interesting pitches. :) I guess that's all that is left to do, and it's somewhat pointless with Blood Bowl 2 not too far away. It looks like they've opened up the AI to us in that at least.

Thanks for the responses!

You're Welcome....

1. Well yeah the frustration is the Player_Base_Types. As said before The Mino is in the back field because it is a running back not a monster or Linemen type. The Mummy that is not on the LoS is given a AI_character role depending it's position and that is where the problem a lot of the time is and that's the same for the Orks where one or two BOBs may be lined up to fill roles that they shouldn't because of how the AI determines where Positional players are placed. I haven't been interested in awhile about figuring out the issue, but depending on how well received BB2 is it may be worth the effort.

2. I had only experienced that with the Orks on offense and the Minotaur on Defense. I thought nothing much of it, but you pretty much solved the problem because of the Monster Identity issue for the Orks. As for the Minotaur you may still have it sitting on the side lines on defense, as i said before I'm unclear of the decision process of the AI with picking like Base Types.

3. Not really too pointless trying to still figure it out. It all depends on how BB2 plays and if the BB1 servers will still be open if it flops.

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Re: Modifying the AI

Postby Taeves » 08 February 2015, 21:38

I had only experienced that with the Orks on offense and the Minotaur on Defense.
I've run into this countless times, not just with Monsters but with Witch Elves, Human Blitzers/Catchers, Assassins, etc. The AI isn't setup properly and doesn't prioritize better positions over linemen. It will often put a lineman with Block on the pitch instead of a rookie Bull Centaur. That Centaur needs SPP'S damnit! :P

I don't edit the actual Player_Base_Types, but simply add in more of the better values (5 1 2 3 4 x 5 for example) into each formation in AI_Positions. It's tough balancing it all out however. With the Undead Pic I put up a couple posts back, you'll notice there are two ghouls sitting out. That's because I don't have 4 of the blitzer/catcher types out. Which is 3, 4, 1, 2, 5 or some variation thereof, I only have two of them in that particular formation, so only two ghouls. But you'll see the Throwers are back where they should be in the other pic.

You're right though, BB2 may not be successful. I'll keep working to see if I can come up with something worth putting together into a mod for others to download.

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