Expanded Campaign mod now available!

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Expanded Campaign mod now available!

Postby OneMoreNameless » 08 April 2015, 09:44

This mod improves the length, variety and difficulty curve of Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition's campaign mode.

To install, extract the provided folder over "[...]\Blood Bowl Chaos Edition\Data". (You may wish to backup the original files first.) You will need to start a new campaign for the bulk of the changes to apply, though existing campaigns will remain playable. The Expanded Campaign is compatible with the Community Content Pack and other visual mods, though not with New Wave, and not with online multiplayer.

Download and screenshots available from ModDB.

From Rookies to Legends
New teams have been designed for each race at TVs 1000, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400 and 2700. Their skill builds are as different as possible while still remaining effective in play and sticking to a realistically limited number of doubles skills / stat ups. Fresh coaches now start on a fair playing field, while experienced coaches will face ongoing challenges and greater opposition variety even at high levels. All teams may be freely paired off in Exhibition Matches too, of course.

A Journey You'll Remember
The campaign's fifteen competitions have been entirely reworked to be more interesting. Each has a unique trophy and flavour, rewards are less formulaic, there are a couple of championships without play offs, and even included is an optional 128 team showdown that encourages mismatched teams with inducements. The overall balance and progression still remains close to the original campaign, with the exception of a moderately higher gold total available for winning teams to sustain themselves at a greater TV.

My Rules are Your Rules
Initial AI treasuries are reduced to 50-100k, while their players have SPPs increased to a mid-point between level ups. This better mimics a human coach's team state between competitions and results in more natural TV progression during them. Simulated matches may result in draws between AIs for dynamic and fairer rankings. AI teams begin with a wider range of prestige to meet the same competition requirements expected of the human coach. Matches entering overtime are fully sudden death, checking for a tie-breaker every turn.

And Also Starring ...
All official star players from the Blood Bowl competition rules are available for inducement. They use their original stats, but duplicate skins. (Credit to Stw402's New Wave mod for first implementing these.)

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