New wave mod Final cut

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Re: New wave mod Final cut

Postby gibbon13 » 25 October 2011, 14:11

Not used mods before so noob question, what files do i overwrite ??

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Re: New wave mod Final cut

Postby tepet » 04 November 2011, 16:22

I have another question. Does this mod disturbs online game in any way?

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Re: New wave mod Final cut

Postby MILLANDSON » 04 November 2011, 17:53

I'm not sure, so I'd make sure to swap the original files back in for when you're playing online.


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Re: New wave mod Final cut

Postby GShock » 13 November 2011, 07:53

Right, the 1st link is not compatible with LE. I'm dling the second one, IIRC the new wave mod was also updated but I can't remember whether or not the Final Cut is the last version or the Reloaded is the final. Crossing fingers as the DL starts.

IIRC the mod doesn't affect MP at all because it alters campaign files that are not in use in MP. (Skins, stadiums, sponsors, prizes, AI files and players' DB). Correct me if i am wrong of course.

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