Help running a small BB league

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Help running a small BB league

Postby SendMoreCops » 16 October 2011, 14:21

Hi Guys. (wow ... took me ages to figure out my old user/pass would not work and that I had to create a new account but finally I am in).

So myself and some friends are loving BB right now. We play most nights (broadband and family permitting).

We have a core group of 4 players playing very regularly and 1 a little less regularly and 5/6 noobs either only played single player or yet to play or JUST got the game.

We decided that the 4 core players would start off Season 1 of hopefully a long term league. We decided that it would be quadruple round robin with new Teams. So each player gets 12 matches.

We'd obviously like all players to be playing but don't want to create a league where half the players are not that pushed about playing/showing up.

Any thoughts on the best league structure to get these others playing without initially putting TOO much pressure on them and risk turning them off the game. Essentially I'm looking for a structure that would suit both distinct groups. Group A) regulars/hard core :) and Group B) Noobs/Possible Future Regulars.

We prefer the set fixtures system which curtails teams TV relative to others. A multi division (maybe two) league with promotion/relegation might work but then inevitably there would be some of these newer players eventually deciding they are not that pushed about the game and maybe ruining it for there fellow players.

Any thoughts/suggestions on a structure that might cater for both sets of players ?

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