S11 North American TTS League

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S11 North American TTS League

Postby vgpurist » 11 August 2014, 02:50

Hello everybody!! We are looking to recruit players for Season 11 of the North American TTS League.

If you are reading this between now through August 26th 2014, You may put in your application to the league.

Here are a few things you must know before applying to the league:

We push 2 days per week on Wednesday midnight and Sunday midnight.
You MUST be able to play for North American evening time zones.
You also must join our website http://rmbbl.net/ttsforum
You should join the steam groups. http://steamcommunity.com/group/NorthAmericanTTS
Joining this league means that you may end up on Youtube since we have someone casting videos (me) and you are allowing permission ahead of time for usage of your replays.

If indeed you are still interested in joining. Please in game mail to the commissioner "Kordarus" saying that you accept the terms listed here and submit your application to "S11 North American TTS League" for approval.

Thank you! Nuffle be kind to you!

VG Purist
VG Purist



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