New Ogham BB League

Present your league and recruit new challengers!
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New Ogham BB League

Postby jarik » 23 April 2015, 07:38

Season XVIII is pretty much over and planning for next season has already started. Do you want to play Blood Bowl in friendly New Ogham BB League?

Season XIX will be with Chaos Edition but during season we will most likely play some small competitions with BB2 , assuming it is released in time...

If you interested post message to our forum and bring your friends also => ... t2270.html

We are small and friendly (mostly) europe based league who has been around for quite some time already. Season XIX as New Ogham is starting and before that we were just Ogham BB League. We have weekly schedule with 4 min games.

Btw that silly topic attribute (language?) is french because for some reason it is mandatory and english is not included in options? :?

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Re: New Ogham BB League

Postby naiqun » 24 April 2015, 18:51


I ve been playing bb for some years and now im looking for a regular online league. How can i join yours?


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