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Present your league and recruit new challengers!
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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby FaerieKnight79 » 14 August 2016, 21:00

League Name: Mythic League

Number of Teams: 64 teams total, two divisions of 32 teams each split between 2 regional of 16 teams in each division.

Game Type: Turn based using Blood Bowl 2 on X-box One

Time Zone: Central Standard (admin is based out of Iowa)

Extra Rules: Turns are 3 minutes long. Registering for one of the regional competitions costs 5 cyans, which is intended to be used for prize money for regional, division, and championship competitions. Note that aging IS enabled. So your players will age during the league.

Recruiting: Looking for new players and vets alike, but new teams are required for season 1. No invite needed to join the league.

Website: None at the moment. Wouldn't object to anyone who wanted to set one up though.

Extra Info: The goal plan is to have a NFL style seasonal competition. The top two teams each season in each round robin regional competition get an invitation ticket to their divisional championship. The winners of the two division championships then get an invitation ticket to the Mythic Championship Cup.

As mentioned, the regional competitions (Manticore, Griffon, Medusa, and Siren) have a 5 cyan signup fee. This fee is intended to go towards prizes for the winners of each competition as follows:

Regional champion (rank 1) receives 28 cyans
Division champion receives 52 cyans
And finally the winner of the Mythic Championship Cup receives 112 cyans.

Registration fees are still up in the air. What I listed above is actually my first thought. Initial plans were for the regionals to have no signup fee. But it seems needed to have a cyan prize for the competition.

Actual regional, division, and championship prizes are also still being debated upon. I may opt to do smaller prizes paid to the top 3 in each regional, 1st and 2nd place in the division championships, and then a prize for the overall champion. PM with suggestions, please. Not entirely sure how to handle this or what a good prize amount is yet. In all fairness, I'm not even certain how you set up a cyan prize since it keeps saying Invalid Amount every time, so I assume a registration fee is needed.

To be honest, I'm mostly making the Mythic League because I have family who will be getting the game in a few days. But opening it up to others provides more possible opponants and a potentially deeper experience.

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New Ogham is recruiting - Season 4th BB2 season about to start !

Postby JRCO666 » 26 November 2016, 10:05

New Ogham has played XXIV season as a BB1 league and has recently turned to BB2.

We are currently playing the play offs of season III and will start soon our IVth Season.

We are european based but everyone is welcome as long as it can offer european time window play.

Anyone interested to join can sign up :  http://newogham.datagnomes.eu/phpbb3/vi ... =105&t=561

Just leave your Coach name, team Race and name.(New Team only)

Season IV will start just after Nurgle is made available ( If they appear soon)

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Stimee » 12 January 2017, 20:24

League Name: Nuffle Be Praised Pro
Number of Teams: 24 Team Pro League, with many one off and unique competitions to bolster competition
Race Restriction: none
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone Primarily a North American League (est, central, mtn pacific) but also have a Europa Conference
Extra Rules:Please review our bylaws at nbp-pro.com for rules
Recruiting: We are always looking for new players to help bolster our ranks. We may not have spots in our pro competition but we have plenty of other competitions and the most active coaches will receive consideration for a pro spot.
Website: NBP-PRO.COM
Extra Info: Nuffle Be Praised or NBP PRO is a North American based PS4 Blood Bowl 2 online league founded on the ideas of both transparency and parity.

The league's role is to mitigate against unbalance and strive for parity whenever possible. In the spirit of Nuffle, we want the games to come to down to the dice rolls and the strategies of the coaches. If you are looking for a growing league, free of toxic personalities and unfair competitions and rules look no further than NBP-PRO.COM !


Mad Academy

Postby SirMadnesss » 22 June 2017, 14:58

Hey there / Salut à tous

League Name: Mad Academy (Mad Academy / Mad Cup / Mad Open)
Number of Teams: 6 & +
Race Restriction: n/a
Recruiting: OPEN
Website: http://http://madacademy.xoo.it/
Extra Info:

Uk - The Mad Academy is a new BB Academy. (One of the few.) We will receive new coach and help them to be more confident with the game by following them on practice games / home competitions and keeping the player in sight while he plays other competitions as well. We seek for Tutors and obviously it's open to everyone who ask for it.

FR - La Mad Academy est une nouvelle academie de BB. Nous souhaitons accueillir et aider les nouveaux coach à être plus à l'aise avec le jeu en leur proposant un suivi durant des matchs d'entrainement, des competitions maison et un suivi également durant leurs autres competitions. Nous recherchons des tuteurs et evidemment, l'academie est ouverte à tous.

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