League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Present your league and recruit new challengers!
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League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby MILLANDSON » 02 October 2011, 08:07

This threads aim is to compile an organized list of leagues and tournaments currently running in-game. Players will be looking to join player run leagues to add to the multiplayer experience of Blood Bowl. Those who are planning to run leagues please place your information below so players can easily find which league would suit them the most!

Here is an example of what information you should provide.

League Name: Name of your League
Number of Teams: Number of teams you aim to have in your league
Race Restriction: Any restrictions (i.e. Dwarf Only)
Game Type: Turn Based or Real Time
Time Zone The preferred time zone fo the league members (GMT etc)
Extra Rules: Blitz/Classic & Extra rules (I.e. turn length)
Recruiting: Are you looking for new players for this league or is it a closed community league
Website: Do you have a website where people could apply/register their interest.
Extra Info: Explain what your aims are, why people should join your league, what benefits there will be and any other extra info that you feel you should tell people about.


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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Coach » 07 October 2011, 21:47

Crunch Cup hosted at BBTactics.com

Number of teams changes, currently 32
Any race allowed
Turn Based
Any time zone
Always recruiting

There is a side league, Crunch 'Em All, which is a FFA where you can enter any number of teams and play games whenever you can get one. See the Blood Bowl Tactics forum for more details.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby rmgilbert » 08 October 2011, 06:49

The UHBBL, a US league with teams based on both coasts, is looking for a team to replace our Goblins, who sadly, were lost due to technical difficulties after the second game of the season. (The goblins claim that their troll at the coaches computer and possibly the coach - who has pretty well vanished.) The league consists of 10 teams of varied races (we aren't necessarily looking for replacement Goblins - any race will be accepted) and has games about once every two weeks, with times scheduled by the coaches. Coaches in the league range from those who once played on Styrofoam astrogranite with paper miniatures to coaches that were yet to be conceived when the aforementioned games were played.

"Official" Stuff
League Name: UHBBL
Number of Teams: 10
Race Restriction: None
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone US Eastern to Pacific
Extra Rules: Classic Rules (plus maybe a few blitz things that got turned on when we weren't paying attention)
Recruiting: Looking for 1 Replacement Coach to join midway through the season. Next season we'll be happy to take more.

If you are interested, please post here, pm me or send an in-game mail to our commissioner - jonny_mal.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Onikuma » 09 October 2011, 16:29

The Safe Haven Blood Bowl Association, a North American based league, is looking for 2-6 more coaches for it's upcoming third season. The league currently has 18 coaches with one game per week, and consists of 1 league with two divisions and mixed TV teams. SHBBA is an excellent league for beginners; many of our coaches start playing on their second or third game after a practice round to learn some of the basics.


League Name: SHBBA
Number of Teams: 20-24
Race Restriction: Three race maximum, currently all races available.
Game Type: Turn Based
GMT -4 to -7, but we will take anybody that wants to play, just be sure you can be around at "normal" NA times!
Extra Rules: Classic Rules
Recruiting: no longer recruiting

If you are interested, visit us at http://www.safehavenguild.com/bloodbowl and send an application!
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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby booncabal76 » 09 October 2011, 23:35

League Name: Fun League
Number of Teams: 100+
Race Restriction: None
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone: Any
Extra Rules: Blitz emphasis on fun - so yes, recharging wizards.
Recruiting: All welcome, but be warned this is an 18+ rated league and not for those easily offended.
Website: http://funleague.net/forum/phpBB3/index.php
Extra Info: Fun is all we're about. Multiple tiered divisons exist to provide some semblence of structure and the aim is to win the top division in each timezone (currently Europe and the Americas) with the two champions playing off for the title (currently dominated by Europe). However, winning comes second to abuse, mockery, fluff, more abuse, sexualised content, swearing, abuse and the occasional rant. Fun League is also a member of BATTL - a confederation of leagues who have combined to each host a tourney...want to know more about that? Sign up.

Finally, quitters are hunted down and exterminated by an elite squad of Fun League Assassins.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby ikillkenny » 13 October 2011, 17:05

League Name: ADD League
Number of Teams: 240+
Race Restriction: none
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone: all
Extra Rules: 40 second games only
Recruiting: looking for new teams!
Extra Info: Trying to get all 40 second players in 1 league. ADD is the premier league for the 40 second coach.
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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Tylthul » 19 October 2011, 11:30

League Name: (OFL) Old World Football League
Number of Teams: 32+
Race Restriction: 3 per race in Franchise league. No limits in OFTL (casual and tournament) or Blitz leagues
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone: All
Extra Rules: Varies by league
Recruiting: New coaches welcome
Website: http://www.oldworldfootball.com
Extra Info: The Old World Football League is a community dedicated to providing a fun and diverse platform for its members to enjoy the Blood Bowl online game. We offer three main leagues (Franchise, OFTL, and Blitz), a custom web page with complete stat tracking, a monthly newsletter, as well as a variety of fun side leagues (40 second, Iron Coach, NFL). The OFL is also a member of the BBATTL tournament series and OFTL teams are eligible to compete there.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Mercy Flush » 13 January 2012, 01:42

League Name: Sturm von Stahl
Number of Teams: 60
Race Restriction: No
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone: International
Extra Rules: Classic rules
Recruiting: Currently recruiting
Website: http://www.sturmvonstahl.info/forum/vie ... =11&t=2147

Some information about Sturm von Stahl,

Sturm von Stahl follows the CaRBB and KFC mandates. At Sturm von Stahl the game is played in the spirit of the Blood Bowl background story from the living rule book. We highly encourage Turn-16 Gang Fouling, teams who don't even try to score but will get their joy if every one of their opponents are in the injury box, as well as team builds which might be suboptimal but in the spirit of the team's race or the team's background. Just trying to win the damn trophy is fine as well though. We also want to tell the story of the league and therefore encourage coaches to write match reports and background write ups of their team and players. Sturm von Stahl is a league of "teams" as opposed to a league of "coaches". The stars are the teams and their stories. The goal is to have the most violent and bloody league with real teams who have great background and character. In summary, coaches primarily wants to join to be part of the legendary Sturm von Stahl story.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby VALIS » 05 February 2012, 20:42

League Name: Fun League
Number of Teams: Unlimited: 250 coaches of whom 140 are currently active
Race Restriction: None
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone: Worldwide (split into European and Americas timezones. The winner of each have a play-off)
Extra Rules: Bring biscuits. We like ginger nuts.
Recruiting: Always
Website: http://www.funleague.co.uk
Extra Info: This is fun only. If you don't like being fouled or reading explicit content on forums, then our league is not for you. Prepare for your star player to be stamped into a smear on the turf....

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Mercy Flush » 20 March 2012, 21:23


League Name: Rage Mountain Blood Bowl League
Number of Teams: Multiple divisions of 6.
Time Zone: We run various leagues to cater for US & European based coaches.
Recruiting: We are constantly running events & looking to recruit new coaches on a regular basis.
Website: http://www.rmbbl.net

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