League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Present your league and recruit new challengers!
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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Thorvald » 09 June 2015, 07:34

League Name: [LDS] Lega delle Seghe
Number of Teams: 20
Race Restriction: -
Game Type: Turn Based
Structure: Divisions+playoffs
GMT: Italy and Europe. Basics of Italian language are stronly recommended.
Extra Rules: Classic Rules
Recruiting: 5-6 coaches

Visit our page: http://ldsbb.com/wp/

Join our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ldsbb/

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby TheSpydyr » 25 September 2015, 20:18

League Name: GOBBLN
Race Restriction: None
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone: North American (Mainly Central/Eastern)
Extra Rules: 4 minute turns
Recruiting: Currently looking for new players for the new season of the Proving Grounds starting in 2 weeks in BB2
Website: http://gobbln.com/index.shtml
FORUM (for signing up): http://www.gobbln.com/forum/index.php
Extra Info: This is an established and well regarded league with a lot of veterans who love the game. There are many newer coaches as well, and we have a very good community of coaches who have no problems teaching and explaining the game to new comers as well. We want coaches with good character that love the game and want to be in a community that thrives on the commaderie. 1 Game a week and lots of fluff and goodies for the leagues as well. We also have our own TeamSpeak server for chatting while playing BB and other games.

The RNG is not broken, you are not "the unluckiest coach in the world" and the computer does not cheat, you just suck.


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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Lembocha » 25 November 2015, 19:40

Nombre de la liga: ABBLE
Inscripciones: Siempre abiertas
Web: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/abble
Extra Info: Somos la única liga Latinoamericana de Blood Bowl 2, aunque también damos la bienvenida a todos los hispanoparlantes que quieran sumarse! Recientemente tuvimos la grata noticia de que seremos anfitriones de las eliminatorias para el mundial de Blood Bowl 2 del 2016, para el que tendremos al menos un cupo.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby boothy1977 » 31 January 2016, 15:49

League Name: Blood and Snot
Number of Teams: Currently have around eight teams but looking to add another ten to twelve, really no limit as we can add divisions.
Race Restriction: none at the moment. Just must be new upon joining.
Game Type: Turn Based.
Time zone : UK based.
Extra Rules: currently play for minutes but often discuss with league members.
Recruiting: now recruiting new players who are interested in a fun friendly and in the past fluff driven league.
Website: bloodandsnot.enjin.com
Extra Info: Aims ate too terrible this once great league and bring fresh meat to the slaughter, Erm I mean slow the league to grow and hopefully flourish, new teams welcome about to start new season. Please apply for some great fun and games, see you soon!


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The New International League organises a New World Cup with 32 teams: join up the qualifying phase!

Postby Chaosmose » 26 February 2016, 15:11

Hey worldwide Coaches,

The New International League is launched since the 1st January 2016. Our aim is to organise an "unofficial" New World Cup with 32 teams for the summer 2016!
Join up our Steam group (NILBB2) to see the details of the qualifying process.
New coaches and teams are welcome anywhen during the process!

The main difference between the official World Cup and the NIL New World Cup is that you will play in the NWC the team you managed to qualify: these are teams (and not only Coaches) which will gain tickets for the NIL NWC...
The New World Cup will be structured as the real FIFA World Cup with 8 groups of 4 teams, then a knockout phase with 16 teams (top 2 of each group). Semi-finals and finals will be in BO3's.

One of the basic principles of the New International League is that we only play with "national" teams: teamnames must include a real worldwide country in any form and any language. Any Coach can play with any country he wants, not necessarily his/her own country (here are some examples of teams in our League: Crowns of Sweden, Thai Dynamite, Nothing Congo Wrong, United Staffs of America, etc.)
[Many thanks to the French League "L'Ovalie Sanglante" for this idea to put constraints on the teamnames - any competition is much more funny like that]

Here are the basic rules and steps of the NWC Qualifying process:

Without still knowing the way the Official World Cup Qualifier would be organized, we've chosen on our side relatively the same rules, and especially the same fundamental limitation of the total amount of matches: to validate its NWC ticket, each team must have made, in all NIL tournaments and/or ladders, at least 10 matches minimum and at most 30 matches.
You have two ways to gain a NWC ticket:
  • 2 successive Open Qualifiers, that are open ladders, with 8 tickets each to win for the top 8. The first ladder has ended in early February (so we already have our 8 first qualified teams which are beautiful teams), but the second qualifying is still in progress until the 28th of March. So you can join up with new teams! Each Coach can only sign up 3 teams max in the ladder.
  • 4 successive Continental Qualifiers for 16 teams (Oceanian/Asian Cup, European Cup, African/Arabian Cup, American Cup), with 4 tickets each to win for the top 4. Each tournament has the same following organization: 4x4, then 4x2 (for the top 2 of each group), then semi-finals and finals (in BO3's), these 4 teams being also qualified for the NWC... The first Cup, Oceasia one, is almost completed but the second Cup, European one, will start next week and last until the end of March! Registrations for the European Cup are now open: it's only for European teams (not necessarily European coaches), that is teams including European countries in their name (same thing for each Continental tournament...)! If you're interested, go in the New International Team, and send ticket request with a European team for the "European Q Waiting Room"... Hurry up: the 16 slots may be filled very quickly! One team per Coach.
Here are our modest but real competition prizes:

€250 in Steam vouchers will be awarded to the winners of every competition we organise.
Prizes will be the following:
- €20 to the winner of every Open Qualifying Ladder (Coach Pete has won the first with his dwarf team: We love a good Danish)
- €20 to the winner of every Continental Tournament
- €70 for the winner of the New World Cup 2016
- €40 for the finalist of the NWC
- €20 for the best 3rd team of the NWC

We already have more than 70 signed up teams in our League and dozens of active and assiduous Coaches! No conceding, no destructive team (except perhaps We love a good Danish, but well it's ok, they are already qualified ;-)), but only a friendly mood, funny matches, with Coaches of any level, Veterans as Newbies...
So why don't you join up now and try to gain a ticket for the New World Cup 2016 (which promises to be as interesting as the Cyanide one, and maybe finally, why not?, more interesting than it - coz we'll have 32 experimented teams with equal forces...)
You are perhaps the one who will create, train and play the future New World Cup 2016 Championship!!

Come on and join up the New International League dear Coaches! May Nuffle be with you and your opponents bite the dust!

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby PreachMJ » 03 March 2016, 15:55

League Name: MML (Mead & Mayhem League)
Number of Teams: 40
Race Restriction: None
Time Zone We offer games to to coaches in any time zone.
Recruiting: See website for current registration: www.mmlpro.com
Website: www.mmlpro.com
Extra Info: We are the premiere PS4 BB2 League, offering more than any other league out there!! Come check us out.

Commissioner/Founder - http://www.MMLPro.com
Challenge Cup Ladder Co-Admin - PS4

See you on the pitch!

Raxient LaMorte

Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Raxient LaMorte » 30 April 2016, 18:57

League Name: The Post 9-to-5 League
Number of Teams: 20+
Race Restriction: None
Game Type: Real-Time
Time Zone Mountain/Eastern-USA
Extra Rules: Blitz, 2-min Rounds
Recruiting: Yes, new players welcome
Website: https://arz.tech/bb2 (pending setup)
Extra Info: Casual league with some tickets into more challenging tiered competitions. For folks that work or go to school full time.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Cyansinphuse » 29 May 2016, 21:41

League Name: Blood Bowl North America (BBNA)
Number of Teams: 16 (for new team tournament)
Race Restriction: Max 2 teams of same race per division of 8 teams
Game Type: We are using Blood Bowl 2
Time Zone: We play in the North American time zones so Atlantic Time to Pacific Time. If you live outside of these time zones, you may join as long as you are available to play in the NA evening times.
Extra Rules: We use 2 min turns.
Website: Please register on http://www.usabloodweiser.net/bbna/index.php. All scheduling and communications are done on our forums.


Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Stimee » 01 June 2016, 01:23

League Name: Nuffle Be Praised!
Number of Teams: 16 teams
Race Restriction: None
Game Type: Blood Bowl 2 PS4
Time Zone: North American time zones though can accomodate GMT teams that can play during N.A. evening hours.

Recruiting:7 spots open for commited coaches.

Website: NBP-PRO.COM

About Us -
Nuffle Be Praised or NBP PRO is a North American based PS4 Blood Bowl 2 online league. We were founded on the ideas of transparency and parity.

In an inherently unbalanced game like Blood Bowl we feel the Leagues role should be to mitigate against unbalance and strive for parity whenever possible. In the spirit of Nuffle we want the games to come to down to the dice rolls and the strategies of the coaches; not through creative manipulation of the rules or gaming the system.

Parity – The state or condition of being equal.

Transparency - A state characterized by visibility or accessibility of information, free from pretense or deceit.

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Re: League Advertisement/Recruitment Thread

Postby Za_Uvek » 20 July 2016, 08:28

League Name: Blood Bowl League of Australia and New Zealand
Number of Teams: To cater for all who join.
Race Restriction: Nil
Game Type: Turn base (BB1 and 2)
Time Zone: UTC + 11
Recruiting: Always looking for new players
Website: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BBLANZ
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