Editing a team in pre-season status?

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Editing a team in pre-season status?

Postby Ba22 » 02 January 2012, 19:46

Can you change the make-up of a team in the pre-season status? Like once you have played a game in the public leagues you no longer get your money back if you drop a player, is it the same in a private league if it’s it actually says pre-season? Reason is I hired a whole team for the league and now that they are registered I want to go back and custom name them, but if I start firing them to rename them, and don’t get the cash back I’m going to be in trouble.
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Re: Editing a team in pre-season status?

Postby zoraster » 02 January 2012, 19:49

Yes you can, right up to the point where you play your first match (had to test it several times with leagues that had too high a minimum TV for flings). Don't take my word for it; as long as you don't press the save button roster changes won't be kept anyway so you can test it in safety.

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