GOBBLN Proving Grounds Season 16 BB2 (NORTH AMERICA)

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GOBBLN Proving Grounds Season 16 BB2 (NORTH AMERICA)

Postby TheSpydyr » 25 September 2015, 20:21

League Name: GOBBLN
Recruiting: Currently looking for new players for the new season of the Proving Grounds starting in 2 weeks in BB2

Time Zone: North American (Mainly Central/Eastern)
Extra Rules: 4 minute turns; stadium upgrades are allowed

Website: http://gobbln.com/index.shtml
FORUM (for signing up): http://www.gobbln.com/forum/index.php

Extra Info: This is an established and well regarded league with a lot of veterans who love the game. There are many newer coaches as well, and we have a very good community of coaches who have no problems teaching and explaining the game to new comers as well. We want coaches with good character that love the game and want to be in a community that thrives on the commaderie. 1 Game a week and lots of fluff and goodies for the leagues as well. We also have our own TeamSpeak server for chatting while playing BB and other games. Head on over to the forum and register and then sign up for the new season under the Proving Grounds Sign-up under the Blood Bowl 2 Circuit.

The RNG is not broken, you are not "the unluckiest coach in the world" and the computer does not cheat, you just suck.


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