Safe Haven United Football League - Season 4

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Safe Haven United Football League - Season 4

Postby Onikuma » 10 January 2012, 23:49

The Safe Haven United Football League, a North American based league, is looking for more coaches for it's upcoming fourth season. League structure consists of two Conferences with three Divisions of 4 teams each, based on TV. Teams face each other twice. The three divisions are then shuffled into two 6 team divisions based on performance in the first 6 weeks. SHUFL is an excellent league for beginners; many of our coaches start playing on their second or third game after some practice rounds to learn basics.

Until the main league is filled, coaches will be automatically placed in it. Extra coaches will compete in the Trial Pit if they so choose, where their teams can be used as stand-ins for drop outs.

League Name: SHUFL
Number of Teams: 24
Race Restriction: Four race maximum, currently all races are available.
Game Type: Turn Based
We accept anybody that wants to play so long as you around at "normal" NA times!
Extra Rules: Classic Rules
Recruiting: As many coaches as we need

If you are interested, visit us at and send an application!

Season 1 Champion: Zelgarion - Skaven
Season 2 Champion: Ashermarx - Amazon
Season 3 Champion: TBD

We also schedule tournaments using Direct IP (with help from Hamachi) and custom teams, and have an Open Challenge league with single elimination tournaments!

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Re: Safe Haven United Football League - Season 4

Postby Holy Terror » 28 February 2012, 18:28

Hey we need one additional coach for this season. Please apply at the above website. We are starting MD 3 today and a team can be between 1200-1500 (subject to review, in other words no crazy amounts of cash so you can cheat the system). It is a fun league, the only race that is full at the moment is Undead. Please contact Onikuma or myself for the in-game password. League name is SHUFL Season 4.
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