FOL XBOne Round Robin Perpetual 11/2015

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Re: FOL XBOne Round Robin Perpetual 11/2015

Postby SLHunterUSA » 09 November 2015, 16:42

I second the recommendation of the Smartglass App. Works really well for communicating...

Also, was curious how games that can't be played are going to be handled. I'm realizing that I'm going to only be able to play with EU players on the weekends during the daytime. If one of us is unavailable that weekend (because out of town or any other plans that take up the bulk of the day), how are we planning on handling that? I didn't have any problem this week, as we were able to play Sunday afternoon my time, but seeing as that was the only time we could find to meet-up this week, I can see that there will certainly be times when we can't find a common time to play...

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Re: FOL XBOne Round Robin Perpetual 11/2015

Postby SCSkunk » 21 February 2016, 01:02

Just an announcement that I am shutting down the FOL XBOX One league, too many Coaches have moved on. I will be asking a Mod to lock this and hope to start fresh again with some new and old players. Thank you to those that have stuck it out this far. May Nuffle smile on you.

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