FABBL (XBox One)

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FABBL (XBox One)

Postby Russian Reb » 03 November 2015, 21:06

Anyone interested in a good group of folks interested in playing Blood Bowl on the Xbox One, look no further.

Search out the FABBL and join our league ladder (and round robin leagues). Most folks are from the EU and US and there is no shortage of fun competition.
Also be sure to check out the Facebook page that was created specific to the FABBL.

Teams play at various times both in the US and UK (Europe). Also we have a good group of dedicated coaches.

Check it out and feel free to join. You will find the FABBL on the front page of open leagues.

Hope to see some new faces on the astro-granite!

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Re: FABBL (XBox One)

Postby Engel Evilstein » 04 November 2015, 19:18

Wow, what an amazing league, filled with great people. I don't think I'll ever find a better league than this. Thank you. :roll:
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Russian Reb
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Re: FABBL (XBox One)

Postby Russian Reb » 09 November 2015, 18:16

FABBL is a solid league and group of people (from EU and US)

You will find on Xbox One under leagues called the FABBL.

This league is growing and if you want to be a part of it, then join us. Be sure to also check our Facebook page.

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