Apocalypse Blood Bowl League

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Apocalypse Blood Bowl League

Postby SYKOJAK » 16 December 2015, 01:27

Hello fellow Blood Bowl 2 Head Coaches!

Tired of concessions from the Public leagues?

Sick of seeing dropouts from Private leagues?

I am the President of the league that you are looking for.... the Apocalypse Blood Bowl League. This is an Xbox One Blood Bowl 2 league for the most hard core Blood Bowl Head Coaches. No more dealing with conceeding players who can not handle their players dying on or off of the pitch. Or casual players who are great at starting in a league, but then drop out because their team is not doing so hot.

Oh no, this is a league for head coaches who will not give up no matter what the cost! Because we are coaches that realize that what is one game compared to a franchise worth of games. Yes, I do use the term franchise for a very good reason. For it is my goal to have teams in this league for the very long haul. Not just for a season possibly two. No, 30 plus seasons is the goal of longevity for this league.

So if you are serious about this type of Franchise Blood Bowl League for the Xbox One Blood Bowl 2 game, please send me a Private Message via Xbox One at the following gamertag: SYKOJAK

As a side note: all applicants will be subject to a personal interview via voice chat to make sure they will know what I expect of them as members of the league. Once again this league is not for the casual or feignt of heart head coach.
The ultimate sin of Nuffle is for a head coach to conceed a match. Nuffle will curse your block dice with skulls and number dice with ones if he does not get his full 16 turns of dues.

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