Blood Bowl League of AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND Cup

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Blood Bowl League of AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND Cup

Postby Za_Uvek » 31 January 2016, 01:37

G'day all, I have just gotten out of a very demanding career so I have a lot more time to dedicate toward BB, so, I just started a league for Blood Bowl:Chaos Edition. This competition is aimed toward people who wish to play in the GMT +10-11 time zone and would like an alternative to BB2.

It is a Cup competition, so first 14 teams get to play, 2 pool round robin then the top 8 teams head to the knock out comp.
Any race is welcome and the only rules are new teams only, comp progression will be weekly. I'll kick the game off the second we have the numbers

If ya keen, please register in-game to BBLANZ Cup and post your coach name, steam name and team name in the discussion section at ... 210128058/. Or feel free to express your interest here.
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