Several reasons why you should Join ABBLE if you know basic Spanish

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Several reasons why you should Join ABBLE if you know basic Spanish

Postby Lembocha » 03 March 2016, 13:54

Here's a list of reasons why I believe ABBLE is one of the best (if not the best) community league experience that you will be able to enjoy as a Blood Bowl 2 coach:

Steam Based

You do not need to create a username in any forums to be part of our league. Just join our Steam Group.


Over six years we have developed a rules system that takes the best ideas from the most popular leagues out there, plus some we have worked on ourselves.


The league is ran by a three man committee with two substitutes. These five coaches are chosen democratically each year by all members.

Appealing Graphics

All our league info is uploaded to both our Steam Group and our Facebook Page with state-of-the-art graphics and videos.

Lore Themed

The themes for our league and cups is based on the geography and history of the Warhammer Universe.

Training Ladder League

We have a free ladder league with anti-farming rules that allows for casual play as well as a way to seed the TV-Tier Cups.

Friendly Community

We have one of the most friendly communities out there. We know each other's names and most of us keep a Whatsapp Group to keep in touch and schedule Cup and Training games.

TV-Tier Cups

We have four Cups divided in TV Tiers (0-1300, 1310-1600, 1610-1900, 1900+). This guarantees fair matches throughout the season for your teams.

Cup Divison Draft System

When creating the divisions for our Cups, we use a draft system based on our ranking. The top players on the ranking are fixed in separate divisions, and then the lowest ranked coaches act as captains of each division, choosing in turns the remaining coaches that will be part of each division.

League Ranking

We keep a persistent ranking where every coach gets points whenever they play one of our Cups. Winners and runner ups get more points, but there's other ways to earn some points too (see Top 10, Community Awards and Achievements).

Top 10 Awards

At the end of each season we check the season's stats using Stat Grabber to give out ranking points to the best players in several categories, including Best Scorer, Most Violent, Best Passer, etc.


We have landmark achievements that give out ranking points to the first, second and third coaches to get there. Other coaches get some points when reaching the landmark, but not as many. Some of them involve killing, scoring, running, surviving armor breaks, etc.

Community Awards

At the end of every season we give out Community Awards which are divided in several categories (Luckiest Coach, Best Player, Best Play, Unluckiest Coach, etc). All coaches vote to choose the winners, who get additional points for our League Ranking.

Weekly Schedule

We work on a weekly schedule to guarantee that the seasons do not stall. When needed we may grant some more days if a match gets delayed or something, but usually we keep it tight and neat.


Between seasons we run a marketplace where coaches can buy and / or exchange players for the upcoming season. This has proved to be very entertaining and refreshing. We use the ageing system to make the marketplace more interesting too.

Established League

Our six year history has earned us a reputation which has allowed us several perks, such as belonging to the BBATTL Touring Leagues Circuit, and being granted World Cup Tickets to organize our own Qualifiers, both in Blood Bowl 1 and Blood Bowl 2.

The only catch is that you have to know a little bit of Spanish or at least speak another latin-based language, such as Portuguese or Italian, to guarantee some standards in communication. We are hoping to see some of you join us and help us grow even more! Skulls and Ones for everyone!

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