Nuffle Be Praised Championship This Saturday

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Nuffle Be Praised Championship This Saturday

Postby Stimee » 09 September 2016, 01:58

Hello fellow Blood Bowlers, I figured this was the best place to post.

I run a PS4 based Blood Bowl 2 League Called Nuffle Be Praised. We have a website at, this Saturday we are having our League Championship match live on Twitch at 915 eastern, we are also looking for coaches for season 2. If you've got a minute check out our site and weekly recaps.


NBP President


Re: Nuffle Be Praised Championship This Saturday

Postby Stimee » 10 September 2016, 20:22

Hello Ps4 blood bowlers, I am Stimee president of again. I forget to mention in my first post that we have a game scheduled for 715 eastern as well.

We have 2 big matches our Blurst of The Blurst finals at 715 eastern/415 pacific featuring a chaos team vs a dark elf team.

Following that at 915 eastern/615 pacific we have our Nuffle Challege Series championship as an undefeated dwarf team takes on an undefeated norse team!

Both huge matches will be streamed on

Don't forget to check out NBP-PRO.COM the fastest growing PS4 Blood Bowl 2 League!

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