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Join the Try Hard League!

Postby Lembocha » 06 December 2016, 17:44

I'd like to invite you all to a new steam based mini-league I've created called the Try Hard League.

Here is the link
Welcome to the Try Hard League! Here you will find a persistent league where you'll be able to prove your mettle against some of the best coaches of the online Blood Bowl 2 community.

Try Hard League aims to create a highly competitive, cheat-free enviroment, but at the same time be simple enough to avoid the kind of problems that are common in more complex community leagues, such as farming or speculation.

To do so, Try Hard League establishes that each coach can only have one team at any given time, having to delete it before creating a new one. We think this encourages trying harder during every match, and also a special bond between each coach and his or her team.

Try Hard League also does not count with an open-schedule training competition either, giving the risk management part of Blood Bowl 2 more protagonism. There are no recovery games.

Try Hard League is structured in tiered divisions with promotions and relegations. Even though the lower tier will always be for new teams only, this system is not TV based, reinforcing the importance of risk management and competitiveness.

Stadiums, ageing and market transfers are enabled in the Try Hard League.

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