The Big O (For Australia, New Zealand, And Asia) Season 2 (BB2 PC)

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The Big O (For Australia, New Zealand, And Asia) Season 2 (BB2 PC)

Postby Walkerthon » 23 December 2016, 09:16

Hi All! Walkerthon here representing The Big O(ceanic) league as part of the Reddit Blood Bowl League (ReBBl).

Now friends, I know your pain of playing a niche game when you're on the Eastern edge of the known world. Want to play in an American/European league? Better be prepared to wake up at 5am to get your games in.

Well I say to that, No Longer Compatriots! Your prayers have been answered! ReBBl runs their competition for all major timezones for Blood Bowl 2 on PC, and they want YOU to participate. Old hands, new players, you're all welcome to The Big O, our Oceanic division for all us disenfranchised Easterners.

So to all you in GMT's + 5 to 13, learn more and sign-up with us at, and come enjoy Blood Bowl as it was meant to be, in your own bloody time zone!

P.S., If you're having a hard time finding the right place to sign-up, all the necessary information is linked in this thread: ... _2_league/

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