Blood & Tears recruiting!

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Blood & Tears recruiting!

Postby samt2806 » 23 January 2017, 19:53

Heya guys!

Blood & Tears is currently ending its third season and i start recruiting for the fourth!

What is it? Well its one of the biggest competition of its kind on ps4. A round robin format, 10 players per divisions. You keep your team in its high and low, just like a real sport team. Weekly deadline, free agents market, relegations and promotions. All that with a friendly bunch.

Currently at 3 divisions, still room for anyone who isnt a bastard! Due to divisions system, you'll get to play against people of your level.

We also have a ladder with its own competition if you don't want to commit to deadlines.

Here's the link to our living rule book if you want more details. You can also ask me here on forum or on psn, my username's the same as forum one.

See you on the pitch!
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