Season 7 North American TTS League recruitment

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Season 7 North American TTS League recruitment

Postby vgpurist » 27 March 2017, 21:42

Tired of people conceding right when somebody even remotely gets an injury?
Tired of facing the same races over and over and over again?
Is Blood Bowl 2 multiplayer bringing you down because you thought there would just be.. more?

Well there really is more to Blood Bowl than just playing in the Open ladder league. The North American TTS League caters to North American evening time zone players and we want you to join.

There is no conceding early, every match must be played through to completion.
There is a max of 2 races per season and so you are guaranteed to face a variety of races within the league.

Please come and check us out on our website

This is where we all hang out and talk to one another and schedule our games at. Please be sure to read the "rules and regulations" forum and see if you truly like what you see.

When you are finished and you still wish to join. Please go ahead and place a post in our signups within the "discussion" forum and we'll contact you shortly.

Thank you for your interest!!
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