The Marienburg Cup Blood Bowl

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The Marienburg Cup Blood Bowl

Postby Delta_Ice » 11 March 2012, 03:44

Hey everyone, just want to let you guys know of the league we are running and that after this season we are going to be looking to expand again. If anyone is interested in reading the post game recaps go to here ... 8401673e4a. Just to give you guys a bit of a taste of how most of the recaps are done here is the latest one posted on the thread.

"Coward Hosell here, Blood bowl fans, for a very special edition of Blood Center. We are about to walk into the wake for Barak Varr BeerGuts Co-Captain; Murphy McGuinness. The place: The Pink Python...uh, I think the closest pub from the pitch after The BeerGuts faced off against the Sons of Woad".

"The BeerGuts had a mediocre start this season, pulling a .500 record in their first two games. Their third, against Bloodwood, looked to turn around their luck into an amazing endzone pass by the Wood Elves tied the game and ended it at 1-1. They knew they would need a win against the Sons of Woad and came in swinging. The Sons got the advantage with possession first, but The BeerGuts muscled the ball away and their very own MVP runner Pony Keg Paddy ran it in for a touchdown right before the end of the half. Things looked grim for the Sons of Woad. While both had players off the pitch to start the second half, The Sons were still a man down compared to the BeerGuts. The pummeling continued as The Beerguts knocked player after player off the pitch. The Brewmaster himself was the next to score, giving just enough time for The Sons of Woad to receive a kick-off. The score being 2-0, the game was all but over until tragedy fell upon the BeerGuts. Murphy McGuinness took a massive blow and went down. The apothacary rushed to his aide and thought he had him saved. Murphy McGuinness died on the pitch that day. That was a week ago and The Barak Varr BeerGuts have not left the pub since. Tonight, we will see if we can speak with Stout and see how the Beerguts plan to move forward.

*Hosell pushes the door open and ducks emmidiately to miss a chair. The inside of the pub is a drunken mess. Empty kegs and bottles lay about the floor. Tables and chairs are broken and a faint smell of vomit can be found within the smell of the ale all over the floors and walls. Hosell walks over toward Stout McGuinness who is resting against the bar, barely able to stand*

*Stout looks at his empty glass and gets angry* "Ah-right now...Who's the dead man that drank me beer?" His voice is barely audible above the rest of the ruckus. "Oi, ya stupid git, yeh drank it yerself" comes from behind the bar, near the floor. A hand rises and slowly Keg Kicker O'Hara appears. "Don..don't you remmmemmer..We've been racin' teh see who can drink faster for the". O'Hara quickly slips and falls back down behind the bar. Stout blankly stares into space, then chuckles "Oh yeh...I wonder who won.." He looks down and sees O'Hara passed out and stands and raises his glass, his legs almost giving out "Ah just drank Keg Kicker under the bar!" The bar errupts with a cheer. Stout brings his glass to his mouth, but it's empty. "Oi..Who drank me beer?" He sees Hosell approaching and tosses the mug aside. "HaHa.. Welcome to the wake, laddy. Pull up a stool and get a drink...if you can find'a stool...or a drink. Yer just in time fer a toast". A dwarven barmaiden brings them both a fresh mug of ale.

Stout raises his glass and shouts "Lissen up everyone. Today...and the day bef..well, you know what ah mean...we're all here teh remember a great player and mah brother Murphy. He was one of the hardest hittin, fastest drinkin dwarves to hit the pitch. His slot may be filled...but no one can replace him. To Murphy!!" The bar erupts, replying "TO MURPHY" and they all down their mugs in one go and throw them to the floor, shattering them. Hosell starts to talk "Stout, if we could just get a moment of your.." but Stour simply wipes his mouth and goes on with addressing the bar. "Now all yeh's. If we could all bow our heads a few and remember him before we contiue with the drinkin".

The bar goes silent and all heads are hung. Hosell takes a queue and bows his head with them. The silence continues for about a minute until the front door opens and shuts, but no one seems to notice. Eyes start to turn to the noise of footsteps and an annoying crunching. The footsteps seem to stop around the bar. The crunching ends as well and a voice whispers " Stout...why is everyone bowin' there eads?" Stout looks up and replies "'s a wake. We are bowin to remember". "Oh" replies the voice and waits a couple seconds before speaking again, saying " Stout....a wake fer who?" Stout, getting really annoyed, looks up again "SHHHHHHHHHH... The wake is fer you, yah idiot." and goes back to bowing his head in silence. "Oh, ok.." the voice says. Hosell looks up, completely confused as he sees Murphy McGuinness standing next to his brother, bowing his head with the rest of the bar. Almost another minute goes by before Stout lifts his head and looks at Murphy. "Wha....Wait, yer not dead!" Murphy chuckles and says with a snort "Course Ah'm not, yah idiot. Can't be standin here if ah'm dead." Stout, utterly confused, along with the rest of the bar, wipes his face with his hands. "But we all saw yeh. They carried yeh off the pitch, Murph.." Murphy pauses and scratches his head "Wait...when did we have a match?"

"Last week...against the Norse". Replies Stout.

"Ah...that explains it then...wasn't there, sorry bout that".

"WHAT? Whadaya mean yeh weren't there?? We all saw yeh"


"Thean WHERE were yeh???"

"Well, erhm...yeh see...theres another pub down the road aways.....and I sorta fergot we had a game?"

"Oh...well I guess that makes sense...but who in the blazes was on the pitch then?"

"Dunno...wasn't me, though".

Stout pauses, contemplating things and then says "Yeh that yeh mention it...where is the Beer Boy? Oi, Lads...anyone seen the Beer Boy around lately?" The bar either is too drunk to respond or shake their head no. "Well, that explains it then... Good teh have yeh back, Murph. Yeh better make it to this weeks game". Hosell speaks up, completely dumbfounded by the whole thing "You don't have a game this week, remember?" Murphy laughs "Great. Ah can definately make that then. Hey, lets get outa this stinks like puke in here, mate". Just as Murphy says that, a dwarven barmaiden hands Stout a slip of paper. He pulls it in and out of his line of sight, trying to focus and read it. His eyes get real big when he can finally read it. "Good lord! How in the hell did we drink all that? And break all that?" He hands it to Murphy and says "Here...this is all yer fault. Yer payin this tab".

Hosell shakes his head and stands "Well, it looks like all is "Business as usual" for the Barak Varr BeerGuts, who are now 3-1-1 and in second place. We will see how they fair next week against The Northsire Nihilists. This is Coward Hosell from BloodCenter saying, Not in the face...Not in the face. Goodnight.

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