NATTS Season 8 Starts Next Weekend (PC BB2, Fresh Teams)

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NATTS Season 8 Starts Next Weekend (PC BB2, Fresh Teams)

Postby Stringer Bell » 23 June 2017, 01:24

Sign up for NATTS Season 8 quick as spots are filling up:

We play twice per week, advancing on Thursday and Sunday nights. You can be from anywhere in the world to play, but must be available to play during North American evening times. Check out the rules thread on the NATTS site for more info, but its all pretty standard stuff.

Great league with a very tight community and a wide variety of skill levels. We have people playing their first ever BB league, and people who played in the World Cup and compete on the CCL. Typically we get around 30 coaches per season but are looking to push it to 40 this year.

There are two regular season rounds with a few cuts after each round. Regular season lasts 14 games in total, and then you compete in the knockout playoffs for the honour of getting your name in our Hall of Champions.

We also have a Sunday league that plays once per week (also starting season 6 very soon) and a league ladder, as well as the occasional side tournament or competition whenever someone has a prize or something they want to give away.

Always lots of people hanging out in the discord chat and the forums are quite active. Come check it out and sign up for Season 8.


Re: NATTS Season 8 Starts Next Weekend (PC BB2, Fresh Teams)

Postby bigrin42 » 29 June 2017, 15:14

I started playing with NATTS last season (S7), and found it to be a great group of coaches of mixed skill levels. The group is very active and most of the experienced coaches have been really helpful with pointing out basic play errors and helping me to be a better coach. Highly recommend it for all players.

bigrin42 review: 5 pows!

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