The Grand Blitz Tournier

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The Grand Blitz Tournier

Postby wolle1301 » 27 June 2017, 06:20

Hello everyone,
The Grand Blitz Tournier has been running for a while. To get the whole idea of The Grand Blitz Tournier, just take a look:

There have been changes to the Administration. The main registry for your teams is noch on

The next part, or as it is called in TGBT, Etappe, is going to be Etappe 5. It will take place on July, 7th. We will meet at 18:30 CEST on the Discord that day. Registry is open until 18:00.
As you have watched surely by now ;) you will know, that only teams of Dwarfs and Chaosdwarfs are allowed to participate in this Etappe.
The last Chance to qualify for The Grand Blitz Finale is going to be August, 19th. Registration is the similar, but in contrast to Etappe 5 in Etappe 6 Necros, Undead and Khemri will play for the final spot in the Finale. As soon as I planned the actual schedule for this one more info will follow here and on the Discord.

Now the official stuff for Etappe 5:

League Name: Etappe 5 - The Grand Blitz Tournier
Number of Teams: min. 4 and max. 24
Race Restriction: Dwarf and Chaosdwarfs only
Game Type: Turn Based
Time Zone: CEST, but we have coaches living in the US participating aswell.
Extra Rules: Blitz (1min turn time), all games will be played on one day. So a Minimum of 3 games for every participant plus semifinal and final, if your Team makes it that far. Not about 80-90% of registered teams will only play the 3 games.
Recruiting: Everbody is welcome, however there is a max. of 24 teams in each Etappe
Extra Info: The aim is to have a fun, lore-based or better fluff-oriented series of tournaments. Individual naming of the teams is strongly encouraged.

Right now the playerbase is mostly German. I try to post all Information in both German and English. And most of the coaches are fluent in English on a basic conversational level. So don't be afraid to join us :)

I am working on another Video explaining the Registration process in English. I will post it below in a few days.

So now the only thing left to say is:
Have fun playing and hope to see you around :)

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