Revenge of the Powerfists

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Revenge of the Powerfists

Postby Kassiate » 07 May 2012, 18:27

This is a Thread dedicated to my pure snotling team Revenge of the Powerfists. I had this thread awhile back but when the forums got deleted so did post so I am remaking it ^^

So usually the first question I get asked is Where are the orges? Or Why would I play all Snotling or for that matter why did I want a All Snotling League. To me there is nothing funner then playing with 16 Snotlings espically when you can seperate yourself from them and have a laugh at their expense.

I mean personally I do it because the game is broken we all know that and yea they are making it better or trying but ulitmately it is still broken so when I first started my all snot team the goal was to try and get the highest death toll possible and currently I have had 39 Snotlings die, Recently one of the last orginal players Coach Died..R.I.P. He had 56 SPP Dauntless,Diving Tackle and Jump up. His Number was 16, He has been Replaced by rookie draft member #38 Coach Two The indestructable.

Hear is my full team info and list

#9 Died for Money - Jump up, Sprint -2MV
#17 Slain by Bertolf Alban - Jump up -1AV
#20 Slain by Gunther Wulf - Thick Skull, -1 MV, -1 AG
#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin - Nerves of Steel,Catch,Diving Catch,+1 Ag,Block
#25 Step on by Tocho Seis - Piling On, Wrestle
#28 Headbutt by Frey Grettison -Leap,Jump up
#31 Tripped on Rock - Jump up -1MV
#33 Rampage by John Doe - Sneaky git
#34 Killed by Skinksandpoo - Block
#37* Muled by Yeti Hunters - Sneaky Git -1AV
#38(R) Coach Two The indestructable
#39(R)Killed by Orc
#40(R) Killed by RatOgre
#41(R) Killed in Blitz
#42(R) Squished by Troll
#43(R) Big Orc Bash Brain ins

I will Keep adding to the wall of the fallen and if someone I play Kills someone most of the time I will make their replacement killed by so and so. If you message me for a game or because we have played; I will post status of that game in this block with the casuality list from my team and any new additions one of your players caused.

Wall of the Fallen #1-5 #6 See you in Hell #7-8,10-15,#16 Coach (I can't remeber the players who are just numbers) #18-22,#24,26,27,29,32, #30 Glomped By Luna Can By Coach #36 Funeral Rites

I hope people read this and enjoy this ^^

08/05/2012 9:17AM Last Game Report: Well after a hard faught loss to the Norse Team: Black Blizzard, The Revenge of Powerfists walked off the feild in a Humilating Defeat 3-0. Yea but at least there was a bright spot, in the dying minutes of the second half the coach finally unleashed the wizard who has been sidelined all match, and The little guys scored a big hit Killing a Beseker who was responsible for Two casulties in the macth.

Now for our favourite segement the Injury report: Here we go, there was alot of injuries however only two significant ones. #30 Glomped by Luna, Can by Coach, who has suffered a niggling injury and will be absent from next game. And the Rookie Coach Two The Industructable was fouled and is out of the next game with a Smashed Hand...So much for Industructable.

The M.V.P. Went to the Injury ridden but seemingly impossible to kill #6 See you in Hell giving him 28 points on a career. and his fifth M.V.P of the season. When asked about the Honor he simply came back with "well it's always a honor to be choosen and SEE YOU IN HELL!"

This concludes the Post Game report. (I will try to add these regularly if people like them)

08/05/2012 11:16AM

Well Another loss for our Home town team. Verus Loko-Loko A Skaven team which ran up the score to a embrassing 4-0. The Brightspot in this game was #35 Ratiz was finally killed, The Fans Stood on their feet for nearly 1 minute saluting and cheering for the RatOgre who did it.

Now it's time for the Injury Report There was alot of damage in this one but as mentioned in our previous report The Death of Ratiz was the biggest and baddest.

The M.V.P Went to another Vetern today as #9 Died for Money was lifted up by his teamates and carried off the feild, We sat down with him post game and asked him how it felt to be named M.V.P. He had this to say. "Well it's always nice to be appericated and a M.V.P. Now means my death stocks are only going raise, But mostly I would like to Thank Nuffle for the ability to play this game." Died for money leads the team with six M.V.P awards showing just how much the fans here love him.

That concludes the Post game show.
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Re: Revenge of the Powerfists

Postby Kassiate » 08 May 2012, 14:51

Team Leaders (My Personal Hall of Fame) This will be updated from time to time.

#9 Died for Money - 6
#6 See you in Hell - 5
#28 Headbutt by Frey Grettisson - 3
#35 Steped on by Tocho Seis - 2
#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin -2

#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin - 24
#25 Tocho Seis - 2
#30 Glomped by Luna Can by Coach - 2
#17 Slain by Bertolf Alban - 2
#36 Mauled by Yeti hunters - 2

#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin -1
# 9 Died for Money - 1
#34 - Killed by Skinksandpoo -1

#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin - 20
#25 Step on by Tocho Seis - 2
#31 Tripped by Rock - 1
#6 See you in Hell -1
#9 Died for Money - 1

Matches Played
#9 Died for Money - 46
#6 See you in Hell - 45
#17 - Slain by Bertolf Alban - 42
#20 - Slain by Gunther Wulf - 40
#23 - Slain by Celedur Malyatin -39

#17 - Slain by Bertolf Alban - 1

#9 - Died for Money - 3
#33 - Rampaged by John Doe - 1
#25 Step on by Tocho Seis - 1
#30 Glomped by Luna Can by Coach -1

#17 - Slain by Bertolf Alban - 3
#30 - Glomped by Luna Can by Coach - 2
#9 Died for Money - 1
#20 Slain by Gunther Wulf - 1
#28 Headbutt by Frey Grettisson - 1

#6 See you in Hell - 3
#17 Slain by Bertolf Alban - 2
#30 Glomped by Luna Can by Coah -2
#20 Slain by Gunther Wulf - 2
#34 Killed by Skinskandpoo - 1

Yards Passing
#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin - 70
#9 Died for Money - 52
#25 Step on by Tocho Seis -20
#34 Killed by Skinskandpoo - 18
#38 Coach Two The indestructable -4

Yards Running
#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin - 728
#6 See you in Hell - 68
#25 Step on by Tocho Seis - 66
#34 Killed by Skinskandpoo -64
#30Glomped by Luna Can by Coach -58

#9 Died for Money - 17
#6 See you in Hell - 16
#20 Slain by Gunther Wulf -16
#17 Slain by Bertolf Alban - 15
#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin - 13

KOs Sustained
#6 See you in Hell - 34
#9 Died for Money - 18
#25 Step on by Tocho Seis - 18
#31 Tripped on Rock - 14
#23 Slain by Celedur Malyatin - 14

Interceptions Sustained
#23 Slain by Celedur - 1

Blocks Sustained
#6 See you in Hell - 10
#20 Slain by Gunther Wulf -10
#23 - Slain by Celedur Malyatin - 5
#9 Died for Money - 5
#30 Glomped by Luna Can by Coach - 3

Well our Boy's Lost yet again 2-0 to the Orca maaa. But this was really bloodbowl lots of injuries and blood all around in this game. Things even looked promising for our boys when the game first started when we got a blitz but then...slip fall and skull smashed in off the turf and the first death of our boys started.

Now for the Injury report: Well this one was bloodly with only two players stepping on the feild at the end of the Game everyone else was KO'd or Injuried, We lost three players permently in death to day #6 See you In Hell, #30 Glomped by Luna Can by Coach and #36 Funeral Rites, Also to report Step on by Tocho Seis #25 is out next game do to a serious concussion and #9 Died for Money the last of the orginal 16 players his out with a fracture Arm.

The M.V.P. Went to #40 Killed by RatOgre. When we aked him what he felt about the crowd giving it to him, he said this. "I won? Really Me? Oh my god, I can't believe it."

The Three replacements for our dead Players are Rookie draft Members #41 Killed in Blitz, #42 Squished by Troll, #43 Big Orc Bashed Brain ins

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Re: Revenge of the Powerfists

Postby timdog » 29 June 2012, 17:18

Well done, it takes a real man to take snotling abuse!

At least in the old days when you fielded snots you could slip another 4 or so of em on the field and the oppoenent wouldn't notice (it was in the rules!) to give you a bit more of a chance, a strait up 11 on 11 with all snots is simply brutal.

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Re: Revenge of the Powerfists

Postby noobie2k7 » 27 September 2012, 01:15

I thought it was halflings that had that rule? :P Wish they still did. Could have like 16 halflings on the pitch that way.

But i love this :) Keep it up man. Will be a sad day when the last of your original 16 buys the farm.

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Re: Revenge of the Powerfists

Postby timdog » 30 September 2012, 13:30

I think halflings and gobos could only slip on a few extras, like 1 or 2, whereas snots could get on like 1d4+1 extra. It's been a LOOONG time so I could be misremembering.

Any updates OP?

You should get 1 ogre on the team just to throw snots, therefore increasing the ways you can have 1 die :P I had a troll kill 3 gobos in 3 different ways in the same match - munched one, threw one out of bounds and hit someone else. All deaths. It was pretty darn sweer lol.

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Re: Revenge of the Powerfists

Postby SYKOJAK » 05 December 2012, 01:31

Jeez! And I thought I was a glutton for punishment!
The ultimate sin of Nuffle is for a head coach to conceed a match. Nuffle will curse your block dice with skulls and number dice with ones if he does not get his full 16 turns of dues.

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