Best Scoring Output vs AI

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Best Scoring Output vs AI

Postby ReardonMischief » 14 October 2011, 20:36

I was wondering what the best score anyone has been able to register against an AI team? I have had many 5-0 wins with both an orc team and wood elf.

But my best (so far) has been a 6-0 beating of one of Goblin teams with my wood elf team (gotta love those two 10 MA and Sprint skill catchers).
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Re: Best Scoring Output vs AI

Postby Darkson » 16 October 2011, 22:32

9-0 - my Skaven vs Dwarfs (also won the block war 7-0) - shame I never kept the reply.
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Re: Best Scoring Output vs AI

Postby Verbal_HM » 17 October 2011, 11:38

6-0 Dorfs vs something, it was a long time ago in BB1, i got help from 2 blitz's on kick results, and I was playing dorfs like elves, taking every gfi on the blitzers and doing long passes, about the same time i decided the AI wasn't much of a challenge and started playing online...
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Re: Best Scoring Output vs AI

Postby Ba22 » 17 October 2011, 19:34

I had a 9-0 against Lizardmen as Lizardmen. the score diference was solely there because I had 12 of the other team's 14 players injured. The last two skinks just kept getting knocked unconscious. All my Saurus's had frenzy, mighty blow, and tackle, we crush all teams focused on playing the ball.
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Re: Best Scoring Output vs AI

Postby HC-Vanselow » 04 December 2011, 21:12

:lol: Most recently in A.I., I whalloped a Human squad 5-0 with Wood Elves. My last Auld World Open League game was a 3-1 "W" with my Mt. Mikilenburg 51ers vs. a Khemrian team. Having a Dwarf runner with "Hail Mary Pass" is friggin' tops...

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Re: Best Scoring Output vs AI

Postby SYKOJAK » 28 November 2012, 22:53

9-0 I was Wood Elves vs. A Skaven team.
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