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Re: Bodacious Cowbells

Posted: 26 March 2013, 01:09
Ah screw it. Im just gonna go with the flow and see how each one develops. Not knowing what youll get beforehand is more fun.

Re: Bodacious Cowbells

Posted: 30 March 2013, 14:51
I struggled back to 1500 tv, but decided to go back to Auld.

Had only 1 game so far there and its uploaded to BBManager, like all of my games will be. Made a team with names of bulls Ive never used before (other than Bo).....

#1 Bo
Chaos Warriors
#2 Slick Willy 2nd lvl Horns. Im gonna make Horns my first skill for all my CWs and just get it out of the way. Theme importance and all :) Cant have a team based on rodeo bulls if theres players with no horns!
#3 Babyface
#3 Peacemaker
#4 The Boogerman
#6 Smokin Smurf
#7 Candyman
#8 Outta da Blue
#9 Buzzard Bait
#10 Honky Cat
#11 Stubby

0 rerolls, and 1 apotho

The reason why for my latest frequent overhaul, and Im sorry to those that have followed this thread & may be annoyed by this, is baseball season is almost upon us! :D Im a huge Tampa Bay Rays fan, and will be watching a lot of ball for a long time. The BoCows are now again my only team on BB, and I might be playing BB once a day at best.

So I will post again when I hit 2000tv, and then you will know you wont be wasting your time checking in off and on. Open to challenges still, send me a message in game or here. All games will be uploaded to BBManager as proof that my bulls aint farmed, plus you might just want to laugh your balls off on how many stupid chances I take in a game.

The Stone Cold Chillers are in Auld. I know smoked g_60 follows this thread, and just to tell ya bud the next match we have will be our teams at equal tv. Then its yo ass! :D


Re: Bodacious Cowbells

Posted: 24 April 2013, 17:59
I remade the team again in Nag. Got them up to 1540ish in Auld, but was tired of constantly uploading my matches to BBManager to prove the teams not some Auld farmed crap. Only reason I went back to Auld was because I wanted to take out smokedG_60s Stone Cold Chillers, but Im sure me and he will find other matchups since Nags really the place to be now anyway.

Re: Bodacious Cowbells

Posted: 17 December 2013, 21:45

Ive been back for awhile, and havent posted because I wanted to make sure I was true to my course (ie not remake my team), and have a roster worth posting.

Three things worth noting on my story -

1. The Name "Bodacious Cowbells" comes from the greatest and deadliext rodeo bull of all time Bodacious, and one of the great Wil Ferrell skits from SNL where Christopher Walken always wants "More Cowbell!" Every single player I have is named after an actual rodeo bull in the PBR (Pro Bull Riding assoc). The only player that keeps his name is my minotaur whose always named Bo.

2. Im back in Auld, every game is uploaded to BB Manager, and my Bodacious Cowbells are at a 1840 tv. The goal is 2200, and then I take on Smoked g-60's Stone Cold Chillers. He knows, and we both are looking forward to when I get there. Smokeds Chillers are the ONLY reason Im in Auld cause its a pain in the balls to upload every game to BB Manager


3. Aside from the Stone Cold Chillers, another goal I have is to get my minotaur "Bo" to 7th level. Ive gotten close a few times, and one time was within 10 spp of 7th!!! Over the years Ive had all sorts of Bos. Blodge Bo, Killer Bo (Clw, Tckle, Block, PO, Guard), and even Spry Bo (Dodge & a +1 AG). I had a Bo I could have gotten a 7 ST with but I instead used the skills for Block & Pro. Then he died. My current Bo is 4th level.

Current roster as of 12/17/13

#1 Bo - Claw, Guard, Block

Chaos Warriors
#2 Pandemic - Block, MB, Guard, Claw
#3 Altercation - Block, MB, Guard
#4 Winter Jack - Block, MB, Guard, Claw
#5 Two Dogs - Block, Guard

#6 Lightmakers Rango - Block, MB, Guard, Diving Tacklo, Claw
#7 One Bad Cat - 1st level
#8 Harlem Shake - Block, Dauntless
#9 Jo Jo - 1st level
#10 Pound The Alarm - Block, MB, Guard, Diving Tackle (-1 MV)
#11 War Dance - +1 ST (Finally got a +1 ST again! Thought I used up all my strength blessings from way back when till this happened. Im gonna groom this guy to be my runner)


Re: Bodacious Cowbells

Posted: 20 December 2013, 04:41
team value went to 1860, and had a bad break. My new runner War Dance with the +1 ST just got Sure Hands. Next game he got hit by a rock (result) and lost an agility, I apotho'd and lost movement. I kicked him off the squad. If I had taken Block instead of Sure Hands Id have kept him.

Bo went up in level again and has Break Tackle. Altercation is 1 spp from leveling. Still need a runner.