BB punishes you for taking chances

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Colonel Panic
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Re: BB punishes you for taking chances

Postby Colonel Panic » 02 May 2013, 08:49

Dode74, what a negative view!
You remember your spectacular failures more than your spectacular successes?
I am really sorry for you.
Perception Bias is a well-known cognitive bias, but as a neuropsychologist you probably already know that ;)

Basically, people expect die rolls to pass, so when they do, it's not a big deal, just what "should" have happened. People can roll 10 2+ rolls in a row and not think of it as an extraordinarily lucky, it's what is "supposed" to happen. It doesn't mean we're stupid, it's just how our brains work unless you make a real effort to think about probability.
How many gamers do you know who claim that they have extraordinary luck? And how many do you know who claim that they're cursed?

So when die rolls fail, especially "easy" rolls like 2+ or 2+ with a reroll, it's unexpected and people notice that. In tabletop, I've seen someone make a -2d block (getting the knockdown they needed), a 4+ dodge, 3+ dodge, 3+ pass, 3+ catch ... fail the 2+ go-for-it to score ... and then throw the d6 against a wall, yelling "fuckin dice HATE ME". We've all seen it. Heck, we've all felt that way at some point. And probably nobody ever rolled a 2d block, knocked their opponent down, and took the time to say to themselves, "my dice are AWESOME today!!"

In the online version, we don't have dice to chuck, so the modern equivalent of throwing dice is to whine about the RNG. The difference is, of course, that while you can see a d6 and figure out that it's fair, the RNG is just some kind of magic that can't be tested and must be biased!
Except of course it can be tested, and has, including by people on this forum. That doesn't stop threads popping up regularly claiming that the RNG is broken, biased against certain usernames, or that the AI cheats. Incidentally, I've never once seen someone complain that their dice are too good; see above. Anyway, yes, some of us get kind of snippy and sarcastic by the 10th, or 50th, or 100th time we read that kind of thread.

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Re: BB punishes you for taking chances

Postby Simonthemad » 02 May 2013, 22:19

The RNG's not broken...but today I rolled SIX ones for Heat Exhaustion!!!! :shock:

Over half the team out... :x

You just gotta laugh it off i guess

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Re: BB punishes you for taking chances

Postby Harbinger8 » 02 May 2013, 22:58

Colonel, you snagged both the obsolete and the current terms in one.
Do you too have some education up the psychology way?

And yes, I agree, that folks, presented with what is perceived as a strong topic, can get snippity and rude after it has been presented a few times.
"Can get" does not mean "must get" though CP.
There is a certain quality, when exercised as it should, could reduce the tension surrounding whatever subject - self control.

CP, you have never had the experience when playing with dice in a game that you just cannot fail, the streak is in the groove?
If no, I feel sorry for you too.
Chance does not always have to fall into negative perceptions.

And anyone trained within the human behavioral sciences can tell you perception vs. "what actually is", that perception wins most every time.
The fact that the RNG is supposed to be perfect in its randomness vs. the human perception that it is not, unless it can proven visually (the strongest form of information presentation), the RNG is always going to perceived that it is not truly random.
Even when proven visually, there is still going to be large minority of the population that will still go with their perception rather than the presented proof because this is how humans are made.

I guess, due to my training, but certainly not to my nature really, I am open to spectacular successes as well spectacular failures in my memory.
Yes, failures are easy to keep track of since the species seems to be biased in that direction.

What a sad state of affairs though.

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Re: BB punishes you for taking chances

Postby timdog » 11 May 2013, 15:40

Ever get the feeling that bloodbowl punishes you for taking even a slight chance when the stakes are high and it's not necessary? In other words, you're more likely to get bad rolls in those situations. I wonder if that's programmed into the game.

The game is tied, and I've got a lineman with 13 of 16 SPP, so I'm looking forward to getting him his uncontested touchdown before the half since he has the ball...though I've already used a re-roll. But I've also got my Ogre who has 3 dice on an opponent and piling on, so I'll not only get one chance to injure him, but two chances to injure because of piling on.

Yeah, it was completely unnecessary with respect to scoring, but the chances of my Ogre getting knocked down (both down or attacker down would do it) was 1/3*1/3*1/3=1/27, and the lure of pounding that skaven into the ground was too much.

Right before I went for it, I thought to myself how I've noticed the game likes to punish me for taking unnecessary chances like this by making sure I get whatever bad rolls I need regardless of how unlikely. Check out the screenshot. Sure enough, the game outdid itself. I got three straight attacker down rolls. A 1/217 chance. I didn't pound the skaven. I didn't score the uncontested TD to go ahead. And I didn't get my lineman the 3 SPP he needed to level up. Wow!

lol, I feel that pain my friend. I too would have jumped at that chance to flatten a blockless gutter runner with a 3D block. The only time I've had worse was my block yethee rolling 3 skulls, passing the loner roll, then rerolling 3 skulls (yes he passed the loner, I double checked the log). All I could do was laugh.

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Re: BB punishes you for taking chances

Postby MCrispin » 22 May 2013, 15:05

I had a good moment in my Goblin team, opponents RatOgre was heading to my TD line and my lone Goblin was the only thing to stop him
I blitz against 3 red dices and I do have a reroll still ready, first Blitz he is pushed back and then he shoves me off with out doing the TD but taunting me and pushing time. I get back up and go to second blitz 3 red dices... I get the push back and dare not to use the reroll who knows I might end up getting my little goblin dead.

His turn and this time he uses blitz.. and that is to my little poor Goblins end I think. He has no rerolls and ends up with ( if I remember correct ) Red skull and two both downs with out block on his Rat. We both go down and I stopped him from scoring. :lol:
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