This is the real deal! (Youtube link, ad-free)

Share the stories you lived in the Blood Bowl universe and tell us your best moment on the pitch.
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This is the real deal! (Youtube link, ad-free)

Postby Serialised » 09 July 2013, 16:43

From now on I am live commentating my bloodbowl matches - and the game knows! It is giving me sh... lemons every. single. turn. All the frustration, all the despair, all the rage, Im letting it all out in all its natural beauty. The Elves of Spandex Faffy I was playing on Day 9 bathed in my misfortune. Make sure you see this.

Chaos vs. Elves:
Attention: Due to Youtube Editor being wonky it is one big video file. Im giving you pointers in the description to where Part 2 and 3 originally started.
Commentated Bloodbowl with Face:

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