Dead Players Stats

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Dead Players Stats

Postby Tora75 » 28 August 2013, 16:25

I love this game. I'm pretty new to this (never played the tabletop version), but was able to pick up on the rules fairly quickly. I'm a huge stat whore, so playing campaign mode was appealing to me. It appears, however, that if you fire a player or a player dies you lose all of their career stats. Is this correct?

I do see that if they made it to the Hall of Fame,those records stay in the game, which is fine, but would to have liked to see individual stats from my team over several seasons. Is this possible?

Or do I basically just have to settle with screenshots before every game?

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Re: Dead Players Stats

Postby dode74 » 28 August 2013, 19:39

This is correct.

Possibly the best way to build this kind of fluff is through a 3rd party app, BBManager. If you create a league and upload all your matches to it then you can get a Graveyard thing as well as a team roster, matches played etc. This is my current team's injury table:

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