Consecutive games with a kill

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Consecutive games with a kill

Postby ReardonMischief » 16 September 2014, 01:28

Karnag Bigear, my mass murdering Ogre, has scored a kill in 3 consecutive games, This stat is incredible, but to make it even more impressive, those three games were the first 3 games the team ever played. The teams were High Elf, Orc and Norse teams.

On a side note, his brother Krug Bigear scored 2 deaths in a single match.
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Re: Consecutive games with a kill

Postby Proxi Winther Rex » 16 September 2014, 19:22

Does it Count as a kill, if you push them down into a spiked pit in DB?

If so, then my minotaur Rex Stoneskin, has killed 4 opponents in 7 games ;)

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