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Craziest game openers

Posted: 23 April 2015, 20:02
by hermanJnr.
What have the craziest first few turns been for you? Presently having an absolutely mad game with my Nurgle team against some Humans and I'm only 3 turns in.

Opponent's Turn 1: Throw a Rock, hits my Nurgle Warrior, DEAD --> Regen 6 --> Gets up again.
Opponent hits my second NW with a Blitz, KO.
Human Lineman fails dodge, KO.

My Turn 1: Beast of Nurgle hits Ogre: BROKEN RIBS, healed to BH... :lol:
Foul a Blitzer: DEAD

Crazy injury rolls. Every other block has been a stun, too. My opponent is already telling me it was "Unnecessary for me to kill.", so I am explaining the logistics of Blood Bowl :twisted: