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Posted: 06 March 2017, 15:49
by Retrocausality
I'm sure many of us have tales filled with evidence that Nuffle hates us.

My latest is probably less impressive than some of the in-match dice streaks I've seen or have experienced, but my latest High Elf team after 10 matches has rolled a total of 11 level-up dice... and not rolled a single double or stat increase for any of them.

Most vanilla High Elf team ever.

Let's hear your tales of woe. :D

Re: Cursed

Posted: 24 May 2017, 15:27
by hermanJnr.
I had a game with my Ogres against a bunch of Dwarfs who had no damage skills or Guard.

Somehow through 1d and -2d blocks they crippled 3 Ogres and killed one by the end of the first half.

My Norse have always been cursed by Nuffle too. I had a Berserker who didn't score a CAS in 16 games (he even got Mighty Blow from MVPs and still didn't manage it) and I've had a Yhetee kill himself in his first game :lol: