One Elf Defence

Share the stories you lived in the Blood Bowl universe and tell us your best moment on the pitch.
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One Elf Defence

Postby Magius » 27 April 2017, 21:56

Treeman - Rooted in the middle of the pitch
1 x Wardancer injured
2 x Elves lying down on the pitch
Rest of team - KO'd.
Only 1 x Wardancer standing tall in the face of a full Orc team and the Endzone...

He paid for it with an injury, and nuffle rewarded me with 1/9's and 1/36's in the 2nd half. But that moment of glory will last forever! 8-) :D 8-)

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Re: One Elf Defence

Postby Valcurdra » 28 April 2017, 00:08

It was 2 elves though


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