Report here the bugs you experience in Blood Bowl 2.
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Postby dalantreal » 17 September 2015, 16:44

I've found that the action automatically defaults to 'pushed' when a 'both down' results occur instead of giving you the choice after a blitz.
I think it also that it activated during a frenzy after a normal block action when it should only activate after a 'blitz' action.

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Re: Juggernaut

Postby Cajun » 18 September 2015, 15:36

I affirm this has been my experience aswell.

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Re: Juggernaut

Postby hitchslap88 » 20 October 2015, 05:03

i can also confirm that Juggernaut defaults to push on a both down. I've blitzed a player who had Wrestle, which Juggs is supposed to cancel, and instead of knocking him down, it's resulted in a push. Picking on Wrestle players is one of the major features of Juggernaut, so I hope they fix this issue soon.

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Re: Juggernaut

Postby rinku » 20 October 2015, 10:10

As a point, did your Juggernaut player have Block or not? Clearly it *did* cancel Wrestle, it's just not giving you the option to choose "both down" if you wish. If your player didn't have Block it may be auto choosing the push.

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Re: Juggernaut

Postby dtbilek » 20 October 2015, 13:28

I've without a doubt seen players with both Block and Juggernaut who were not given a Both Down option. The game converts all both down results into pushes on a juggernaut blitz.

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Re: Juggernaut

Postby zOGzOG » 20 October 2015, 13:32


Skill is kinda useless if you can't choose when to use it. Fix pls :mrgreen:

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Re: Juggernaut

Postby PaloLV » 20 October 2015, 15:24

As far as I know it's not broken and working as Cyanide intends. They've stated they have made some decisions on certain skills to speed up pace of play. If people scream enough they might change it, but it's not technically broken by Cyanide standards. Of course it's essentially a broken skill at the moment and constitutes another nerf which helps Elves/Skaven (their Wrestlers don't get punished) and hurts the teams running Blitzers with strength skill access on normal rolls.

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Re: Juggernaut

Postby Javelin » 20 October 2015, 18:23

As far as I know it's not broken and working as Cyanide intends.
That's sort of the point isn't it? We don't know what a bug is and what a rules change is because we don't know the rules that were intended to be implemented.

I guess if you never let your customers know how the game is supposed to work that means there are no bugs?

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