Gameplay/Skills known issues

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Gameplay/Skills known issues

Postby Focus_GuillaumeQA » 11 May 2016, 14:25

Hey Coaches,

We've compiled a list of known issues that you may come across during your time in Blood Bowl 2. We are working to get these sorted out as soon as possible!

If you come across any issues not listed below, don't hesitate to post details in the Technical Forum.

LRB6 / Skills behavior
  • No turnover if you cast a Wizard Lightning Bolt on your own player.
  • No turnover if you crowdsurf your own player holding the ball.
  • No turnover if a troll eats the goblin holding the ball.
  • When you score a touchdown thanks to the Dump-Off skill, the block action is skipped.
  • If a player is injured and the stat malus can't be applied (already 1 in the stat or loss of stat for the third time), he won't miss the next game as he should.
  • A player stunned during the Blitz event stays on the ground one extra turn.
  • If you're using Catch of Pro with a player during the kick-off reception, you can't use it again with this player during the first turn.
  • A player thrown during this turn doesn't have to use 3 movement points to stand up.
  • Dauntless doesn't take the Multiple Block malus into account.
  • You can still perform your second Multiple Block if you used Piling On on the first block.
  • The Prehensile Tail dodge malus doesn't stack if you have several players with this skill.
  • If only 1 GFI is required to perform a Leap, the game still roll 2 GFI.
  • You don't lose the Leader reroll if the leader player is crowdsurfed.
  • A Secret Weapon player who enters the pitch thanks to the Perfect Defence event is not expelled at the end of the drive.
  • Problem with Stunty and Mighty Blow (if you roll a 8+MB : standard Casualty roll, if you roll a 9+MB : always Badly Hurt -> it should be the contrary)
  • Halfing Chef can remove the Leader Reroll.
  • A non-blitz block action with a Juggernaut player cancels the opponent Wrestle.
  • A stab action during a blitz doesn't need an extra move to be used.
  • The Necromancer can be used on a dead Starplayer
  • Nurgle's Rot can be used on a dead Starplayer.
  • The MVP can be earned by the zombie resurrected by the Necromancer during the match.
  • The Mighty Blow fireball bonus can be applied on both armor and injury roll.
  • No second block with a Frenzy player if you use Juggernaut to transform a both down on push against a treeman who had Take Root.
  • If a Multiple Block player block the ball carrier during his first block, the ball will scatter only after the second block.
  • The Foul Appearance roll is made before the Jump Up roll.
  • The Fan Favourite bonus to the FAME is not correctly applied in the log.
  • A Frenzy player without any move available can still throw a second block roll against a Stand Firm player.
  • A player with Diving Catch can catch the ball without trigger a touchback if moved during the Perfect Defense event.
  • The ball carrier is immune to Strip Ball if pushed against a Stand Firm player.
  • Impossible to use the second Frenzy block against a Fend+SideStep player who choose to be pushed next to the blocker.
  • A Juggernaut player ignores the opponent Wrestle even when he's not blitzing.
  • SideStep is not usable if the player is under BoneHead/VeryStupid or Hypnotic Gaze.
  • The Stab action doesn't use an additional move point during a blitz.
  • The ball is desync when you try to pick up the ball and dodge the opponent in the same move if you fail the first dodge and successfully reroll it.
  • If you plan a move+foul action but your player is followed by a Shadowing player, the foul is activated from afar and the turn of your player ends (red circle). This issue also occurs if your player successfully dodge a Diving Tackle player.
  • If you plan a move+handoff action but your player is followed by a Shadowing player, you can't handoff anymore this turn.
  • It might be possible to sell fan factor with a team that has already played a match (should be very rare).
  • When one of your player with the Dodge skill is pushed to the sideline on a Defender Stumbles result, you can't choose to use Dodge or not if you are about to chainpush another player.
  • The toss choice can be skip at the start of the overtime if a player doesn't skip the injured/KO cut-scenes.
  • Too many players can return from a KO at the start of the overtime.
  • When my own fireball knocks down my player carrying the ball, the subsequent armor rolls are not made.
  • You can foul a player while scoring a touchdown.
  • Impossible to declare a blitz and subsequently "activate" the player.
  • A player with the Kick skill is not always automatically selected during the kickoff (you can select him manually).
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