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Rodrik Von Ordo
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Postby Rodrik Von Ordo » 14 January 2017, 16:54


I don't know where to report that situation so there is goes on this forum.

On January 14th 2017, I played a game where the opposing player used Added Arm on one of his player and it wasn't showing on the player's skill.

ID of the game is 1000268601, it happened on the 8th turn , opposing player was playing chaos with an user name written in russian and i won't reproduce it here.

That's not the first time i witness some skills used by players when they are not supposed to have them.

I don't know where else to report what i witnessed, record of the game should prove my good faith.

This report is also going to steam.

Best regards


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Re: report

Postby Focus_GuillaumeQA » 16 January 2017, 11:51

What's the 2 teams name please?

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Sid The Coach
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Re: report

Postby Sid The Coach » 16 January 2017, 12:12

What's the 2 teams name please?
Don't mind this report, Guillaume, the player did have Extra Arms skill.
If only people would double check before posting.


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