Pre-Match screen concession bug

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Pre-Match screen concession bug

Postby ALargeThud » 17 February 2017, 02:04

I was in the pre match screen looking at my opponents team in champs ladder, (Presidential Coughins vs Double skulls all the way) when the screen froze and said connection lost. There was no timer and my internet did not disconnect at any point. After 2-3 minutes it simply returned me to the play in a league control board screen. I looked at my statistics and it didn't have a loss there and I recieved no post match screen so i was very confused. 5 minutes later after queing for another game I saw that I had been issued a concession loss. I don't really care about the loss to the team persay, but I am concerned about the fact I recieved a concession loss for no reason in the champ ladder, since we are only allowed 5 all season. Is there a way to get the concession overturned?

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Re: Pre-Match screen concession bug

Postby Jaynestown » 15 March 2017, 07:34

This occurred with me as well, though I did actually disconnect. I was on the inducement screen when I lost internet. It booted me out. By the time the router restarted, my opponent said he was on the pitch and the game was waiting for me to reconnect.

I did not have an option to rejoin. I could challenge him again (but nothing happened). Eventually it told him I had conceded. So he hit "no" to validate the match, and we asked our league commissioner to reset the game. When the commissioner tried to do that, he said that the game was greyed out and he could not modify it in any way.

I emailed tech support but all they said was that "This is very strange." We only do a few games per season, so the fact that the bugged concession is uncorrectable really screwed us over.

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