bug with nurgle's rot?

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bug with nurgle's rot?

Postby Ouache » 25 February 2017, 12:51

I just played a match as the Nurgles against a team of dwarves in a private league.
In this match, my opponent had the bad luck to have 2 of his players killed. The first one was saved by his apothecary, the second (a blocker) wasn't so lucky.

At the end of the match, I was offered to recruit it as a rotter (I clicked on the right button to accept it)

When I was asked to validate the match, I had an error, as my opponent was the league's admin and validated it before me.

And then the rotter (which had quite an unique name) was nowhere to be found in my roster, I still had only 12 players. :?
I also had a player leveling up during the match and this was correctly displayed.

Did someone already encountered this kind of event? :?:

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