cant login

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cant login

Postby Wiesl » 03 March 2017, 15:25

I can login on my account "Wiesl".
I even reseted the password but it still doesnt work.
"play offline" doesnt work aswell.
Actually nothing works except the Login-Screen.
I bought the game yesterday and tested it shortly. It worked then.
Please tell me how to fix this.

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Re: cant login

Postby Wiesl » 08 March 2017, 14:46

You dont want to help me?
What a technical support is this here?
This is the first game (of something around 150) I bought, that just refuses to work.
Why I can`t even use the offline mode? This doesnt make any sense.

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Re: cant login

Postby Netheos » 08 March 2017, 15:27

HI, sorry to hear that.

Could you give us a little more details? What's the error message when you click on the button?
Focus Team

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Re: cant login

Postby Wiesl » 09 March 2017, 15:22

Well i is the same like for so many others:
"problem while creating or accessing profile"
It makes no difference whethher I use another profile or try the offline mode. Always the same answer.

The first time I started the game I was able to create my profile (Wiesl) and start the tutorial match in the campaign.
I quit then because I wanted to start playing when I have more time. But from then on I never could enter my profile again (or any other profile) again.
I already tried reinstalling the game, I tried it with "ManagementOnline_Prod.db" in Management Local folder deleted, I tried it with the whole BloodBowl2 folder in mydocuments deleted. ALso I start the game in administration-mode and also tried the steam debug. Nothing of all that did change anything.

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Re: cant login

Postby Focus_GuillaumeQA » 09 March 2017, 16:36

To fix your issue can you try this please :
1) Put Steam in offline mode
2) Go to Documents\BloodBowl2\Profiles\YOUR_PROFILE(hexa code)\ManagementLocal
3) Delete ManagementOnline_Prod.db
4) Launch the game and try to log to your account
5) If it works, you can back in online mode
6) If Steam asks you how to sync the files, choose local files

The number 1 is very important because if you're not in Steam offline mode, the cloud will resync the corrupted files.
It's not "offline" from the friend status menu but offline in the Steam menu.

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