Jump Up and Foul Appearance bug

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Jump Up and Foul Appearance bug

Postby dode74 » 11 March 2017, 12:31

These are the skill descriptions:
Foul Appearance (Mutation)
The player’s appearance is so horrible that any opposing player that
wants to block the player (or use a special attack that takes the place of
a block) must first roll a D6 and score 2 or more. If the opposing player
rolls a 1 he is too revolted to make the block and it is wasted (though the
opposing team does not suffer a turnover).
Jump Up (Agility)
A player with this skill is able to quickly get back into the game. If the
player declares any Action other than a Block Action he may stand up for
free without paying the three squares of movement. The player may also
declare a Block Action while Prone which requires an Agility roll with a +2
modifier to see if he can complete the Action. A successful roll means
the player can stand up for free and block an adjacent opponent. A failed
roll means the Block Action is wasted and the player may not stand up.
I think the key to this is the difference between a Block Action and a block. One is the Action the players is taking, the other is the act of rolling the block dice.

This is how I think it should work:
Jump Up player declares Block Action. The first thing that should happen is he makes a 2+ roll to see if he can "stand up for free and block an adjacent opponent". Note that he has not yet declared who his target is but can stand up. So he picks the target for the block and the target has FA. The FA roll is failed and the block (not the Block Action) cannot be made.

Currently what happens is:
- The FA roll happens before the JU roll. If the FA roll is failed then JU does not get tested and the player stays down. I suspect this is a bug.
- When blitzing I used the method of a direct double-click on a distant target as well as the method of choosing a path then double-clicking (i.e. I did not use the popup to declare a Blitz Action). In all cases of blitzing the player moved, then the FA roll was made, then the block was resolved, then any further movement could be used. In cases where the FA roll was failed the move still happened and the blitzing player was still able to move after that.

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